Hello, everybody.

From now on, we’ll carry out a long-term interview project—Community Interview. We'll occasionally interview community fans/teams. The content and forms of the interviews will be very free because we want to have more communication with you!

This issue is the first community interview, and we are honored to interview Nestor Alonso, a user from Mexico. Now let's start this brief interview.

Q:Hi, Nestor Alonso. Would you like to briefly introduce yourself to us?
A:Hello, everybody. My name is Nestor Alonso. I’m 23 years old. Now I’m working as a supervisor in a cinema. And my hobbies are playing computer, playing video games and basketball. Of course, I’m a user of Deepin system.

Q: Where do you know Deepin Operating System from?
A: I looked for different types of Linux-based OS on Distrowatch website and knew and chose Deepin OS.

Q: OK. When did you start using Deepin OS?
A: I started using Deepin OS at the beginning of this year.

Q: Wow, you are one of our new users. What do know about Deepin Team (Company)?
A: I’m sorry. I only know a little about Deepin Team. I only know that Deepin OS is an operating system which Deepin Team was in charge of developing.

Q: What do you think is the difference between Deepin system and other Linux distributions?
A: Deepin OS is very visually appealing and is the perfect fusion of the advantages of Windows and Mac systems. So I think this is the key of the success of Deepin system and the very strong point which other Linux distributions lack.

Q: What problems did your encounter in using Deepin OS?
A: Well, I once met comparatively serious problems. Once after I updated my system, all my data were lost and couldn’t be retrieved. Another problem is that the system becomes a little unstable after being updated.

Q: This is really a very serious problem! But please do not worry. We have attached great importance to the stability of the system. We’ll properly resolve this problem. Finally, is there anything you want to talk to Deepin?
A: I hope that in the later period Deepin system can support mobile broadband and there will be more customized icons on dock and desktop. At last I hope Deepin will get better and better!

Q: We will finish developing the functions you need as soon as possible. Then we’ll end this interview here. Thank you for your attention.
A: OK. Goodbye.


The above is all for this interview. We have modified part of the text according to the form of the interview.

There will be a lot of new features in Deepin 2014.2 which we are currently developing. For example, the window manager will be probably realized in this version in advance!

Finally, we thank Nestor Alonso again. Thank you for your trusting and choosing us. We’ll strive to improve our Deepin system to make it more easy to use!


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