endeepin is a Linux distribution committed to providing an elegant, user-friendly, safe and stable operating system for users all over the world.

deepin 15.1 is a correction edition emphasized on fixing Bugs that users fed back, optimizing the system and expanding App repository. It is worth mentioning that a new member has joined Deepin application family——Deepin Cloud Print!


We Listen, We Improve


Based on questions and advices users submitted through Deepin Feedback, we fixed and optimized system modules, emphasized on the followings:


  • Optimized Dock display interface when mounting mobile device
  • Fixed an issue that hidden status on Dock may be incorrect
  • Fixed an issue that some system tray can not be displayed on Dock


  • Fixed an issue that after opening a new App in Launcher, the little blue dot can not disappear normally
  • Fixed an issue that after uninstalling an App, the App icon is not timely deleted in Launcher

Control Center

  • Fixed an issue that Control Center can not auto-hide under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that avatars are not displayed in Control Center homepage in some machines
  • Fixed an issue that the current logged in user is not highlighted in User Accounts module
  • Optimized Default Applications module, newly added display of default program icons
  • Optimized Personalization module to accelerate its first start
  • Fixed an issue that some settings can not be saved in Network module
  • Fixed an issue that some wireless network cards are unable to normally function
  • Optimized Sound module, removed continuous sound effect when setting sound
  • Fixed an issue that Sound module is blank for some machines
  • Fixed an issue that Power Management module can not be correctly set under some language environment
  • Fixed an issue that shortcuts user set be reset to none in Keyboard Shortcuts module


  • Fixed an issue that hidden files are displayed on some Desktops
  • Fixed an issue that memory leak can happen under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that Android Apps can not be used in 32-bit system


Abundant Apps at Your Discretion

For this edition we have reach cooperative relationship with Valve for the first time, Steam will be pre-installed in the system and brings you lots of masterpiece games!


Meanwhile, Deepin Store has added Straight Flush, WizNote, Android Studio, AliWangwang and many other hot Apps, and fixed the followings:

  • Newly added filter prompt for Apps not supported in current system
  • Optimized App category descriptions and sorting
  • Optimized the alignment of some window layouts, text selection and such details
  • Fixed an issue that the windows can not maximize for some low resolution screens
  • Fixed an issue that the installing progress animation causes lack of smoothness



Deepin Cloud Print, Enjoy Smart Printing

A new member has joined Deepin application family——Deepin Cloud Print!

Deepin Cloud Print is a brand new enterprise printer resolution. With the organic combination of cloud network and authorization mechanism, it can once and for all solve your problems in printing under Linux environment.

Deepin Cloud Print is suitable for desktops, laptops, some tablets and all other authorized devices.


Easy to Get, Simple to Install

You can experience the incredible charm of deepin with the time for just a cup of coffee!


Please download deepin mirror and watch video tutorial. With Deepin Boot Maker, you can easily install the system in your computer.

Official Downloads:

64bit: click to download (MD5 hash:0da35bad8a4bbd17dd62a8e86498294b)

32bit: click to download (MD5 hash:90e43c5ad77c706eb90c452a95a38040)

Other downloads (Synchronizing):

Sourceforge, MEGA, BitTorrentBaidu Yun, Community ISO Repository

Reminder: deepin Alpha 2 or later editions can be upgraded to the latest edition through "Control Center→System Information".


Advocate Freedom, Share Happiness

deepin is an open source desktop system developed for common users. You are free to download, distribute, modify and use it.

Welcome to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to acquire latest update in the first time. Also welcome to join our forum to communicate and share your joy with us.

At last, we solemnly thank those community teams and companies who have provided testing, documentation, translation and mirroring support. You have made open source better with the selfless contribution!


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