Deepin 20.1 (1010) comes with a new 5.8 (Stable) kernel, Debian 10.6 repositories, enhanced system stability and compatibility, and optimized performance in startup time, installation time, resource usage, startup response, etc. Deepin apps are updated as well for better user experiences.


More stable kernel

The kernel is upgraded to 5.8 (Stable) version, and there is a minor upgrade of Kernel 5.4 (LTS), which can be installed from the system installation interface. The new kernel not only improves the overall stability but also ensures compatibility with more different devices.

Note: You will get the kernel 5.10 version in system updates in future.


Upgraded system repositories

Debian 10.6 repositories (the most stable version) are integrated by default, in order to fix security issues and solve some serious problems.

Note: You will get the latest Debian 10.7 repositories in system updates in future.


Improved performance

In deepin 20.1, the operating efficiency of processors, network transmission and response, file reading and writing, and graphics display has been significantly enhanced by overall optimization of kernel configurations and codes; and conventional operations have been fully optimized. You will enjoy smoother experiences and faster responses from these improvements.


Enhanced desktop environment

Control Center: The new power settings - Power Plans supports three modes: Balanced, Power Saver, and High Performance. When ultimate performance is required, the high-performance mode offers smoother user experiences.


Bluetooth: In addition to Bluetooth device connection, Bluetooth file transfer is also supported, which is convenient for small file transmission and frees you from the trouble of using data cables.


Smart mirror: It greatly improves ISO download speed by analyzing your location and intelligently choosing the neighboring mirror sites to accelerate the download speed.


New deepin apps available

Replace some preinstalled applications with deepin applications: Firefox -> Browser, Thunderbird -> Mail, GParted -> Disk Manager, and Cheese -> Camera, which enriches the application ecology, meets the needs of different scenarios, and gives unified UI and interactive experiences.

Note: You can get Deepin Phone Assistant, Scan Assistant, and Downloader from App Store.




Disk Manager




  • New: touch gesture support, including swipe acceleration and one-finger gestures.
  • New: Control Center - Date and Time - Time Format.
  • New: Control Center - Power - Power Plans.
  • New: Control Center - Bluetooth - file transfer function.
  • Optimized: the experience on touchscreen devices.
  • Optimized: the interaction of the network connection status in the Dock and Control Center.
  • Optimized: the lock-screen interface, including changing the shutdown icon and reboot icon, etc.
  • Optimized: interaction rules of the Dock.
  • Optimized: the response of the Dock.
  • Optimized: visual and interactive experiences of the Launcher.
  • Fixed: the fingerprint list was not shown when creating more than 10 fingerprint passwords.
  • Fixed: the order error of categories in fullscreen mode of Launcher.
  • Fixed: the window mode of the Launcher was not synchronized by Deepin ID of Control Center.
  • Fixed: the details of system patches were not listed in system updates.
  • Fixed: the speaker can still be used after plugging earphones into a laptop.
  • Fixed: the three-level menu in Network was disappeared after a wireless network card was disconnected.
  • Fixed: Bluetooth devices were not shown completely in the Other Devices list.
  • Fixed: the display issue in touchscreen devices when opening the clipboard or multitasking view if the Dock was always hidden.
  • Fixed: the overlap issue between the Dock and the window if the Dock was at the left or right of the touchscreen.
  • Fixed: the scrollbar did not work if hovering under it in the mini mode of Launcher.
  • Fixed: the OSD prompt did not show the name of the touchscreen when it was connected.
  • Fixed: if the Quake terminal window was shown after hidden, the window cannot be closed by clicking "Close All" on the Dock.
  • Fixed: the IPV6 address in network details was a scope link address if obtaining the address automatically.
  • Fixed: the Wi-Fi icon in the Dock was grayed out and did not show the signal strength.
File Manager
  • New: full-text search, supporting searching through file content.
  • New: restriction rules for share names.
  • New: DJVU pictures can be previewed.
  • New: prohibit sending files with extra-long names.
  • Optimized: the information display in the computer properties window.
  • Optimized: the sorting rules of icons on the desktop.
  • Optimized: search response speed.
  • Optimized: system resource utilization.
  • Fixed: the short black screen when reading and writing large files.
  • Fixed: the text color when renaming files.
  • Fixed: the display issue of the third line when renaming files.
  • Fixed: the crash issue when clicking a file with the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously during file search.


Window Manager
  • Fixed: high CPU usage after starting Firefox.
App Store
  • Optimized: the response speed for opening app pages.
  • Fixed: the apps updated from system updates were not shown on the recent updates page of App Store.
  • Fixed: if closing App Store while downloading apps, the downloading tasks were disappeared when reopening it. After creating a new downloading task, the previous tasks appeared again.
  • Fixed: wine apps cannot be installed from App Store.
  • Fixed: Wireshark cannot be opened from App Store after installation.
  • Optimized: startup and response speed.
Voice Notes
  • New: stick notes on top.
  • New: drag notes to other notebooks.
  • New: move notes by the right-click menu.
  • New: drag notebooks to adjust the order.
  • New: select multiple notes and do batch operations, such as save, delete, and remove.
  • New: text translation.
  • New: policy privacy in the main menu.
  • New: select audio source in settings.
  • Optimized: "Speech to Text" and "Text to Speech" functions.
  • Optimized: the font size of contents follows font settings in Control Center.
  • Optimized: startup speed.
  • Optimized: startup and response speed.
Image Viewer
  • New: touchscreen and touchpad support.
Document Viewer
  • New: full-screen mode.
  • New: support DJVU files.
  • Optimized: startup speed.
  • Optimized: the function of removing bookmarks and annotations.
Text Editor
  • New: column edit mode.
  • New: color tag.
  • New: show whitespaces and tabs.
  • Optimized: startup speed.
  • Fixed: the crash issue after dragging tabs and creating new windows many times.
  • Fixed: the .sh script files cannot be opened in it.
  • New: create new windows by gestures.
  • New: create new workspaces by gestures.
  • New: 10 built-in themes.
  • New: tab title format settings.
  • New: adjust the font size by pressing Ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel.
  • Optimized: the remote management function, including dragging files to upload, automatically adding quotation marks for dragged files.
  • New: display update time of documents and corresponding app version numbers at the bottom.
  • Optimized: the UI display.
  • Optimized: the application order on the homepage.
  • Optimized: jumping interactions between contents.
  • Optimized: searching interactions.
Device Manager
  • Optimized: the structure and layout.
  • Optimized: hardware performance to enhance the reading speed and accuracy of hardware information.


Log Viewer
  • Added: "Export successful" prompt.
Print Manager
  • New: show remaining information of print supplies.
  • Optimized: print preview.
  • Fixed: there were two successful printing prompts if the app was added to the startup.
  • Fixed: when clicking "Reinstall" for the first time, it did not go to the adding printer page.
  • Fixed: the failure of disabling display scaling.


Font Manager
  • Fixed: the preview of MT Extra font was empty.
Archive Manager
  • New: pause/resume compression and decompression.
  • New: delete original files after compression/decompression.
  • New: support zip compression.
  • New: support adding and deleting files to/from archives.
  • Optimized: the compression time of large files.


Package Installer
  • New: configurations and user guidance when installing some mysql packages.
Backup and Restore
  • New: support shell backup and restore.
  • Fixed: the data in /var and /opt directories was not backed up.
  • Fixed: the wrong reboot prompt after clicking "Cancel" in the password requiring dialog.


Upgrade Methods
  • From deepin 20 1002/1003 to deepin 20.1, please update it in Control Center or by upgrade commands;
  • From deepin 15.11 to deepin 20.1, the methods are as follows (Cross-version upgrade can only be performed in the terminal, and not supported in Control Center):

1. Download the script file "" here:;

2. Execute the script file;

- Method 1: Right-click the file, select "Permission" in "Properties", check "Allow to execute as program" and exit; double-click the file and select "Run in Terminal".

- Method 2: Open a terminal application and enter the command: sudo ./

3. The terminal automatically executes the upgrade process. Please restart the computer after completion.


Note: Cross-version upgrade may cause system issues, please backup your data first! ! !


ISO Download

Official:Click download

OSDN:Click download

SourceForge:Click download

Google Drive:Click download

BT:Click download



We solemnly thank the community teams and companies who have provided testing, documentation, translation, and mirroring support. If you have any questions or suggestions about the system, please submit your feedback to deepin community: Thanks for your contribution.