Deepin 20.4 comes with enhanced system installation and user experiences and offers many practical features to meet user needs in more scenarios.

System Evolution


Smarter System Monitor

Monitor resource usage and notify users automatically

Setting thresholds of CPU and memory usage are supported in the new version. When the resource usage reaches the threshold, you will get a notification, then you can take some tough measures, such as killing unnecessary processes, etc., to keep the device running normally and healthily.

System Monitor will be improved continuously to be a better system monitoring and managing tool.


Optimized File Manager

Show entries of third-party apps on the Computer page

Many third-party applications can also manage files, but the files may be scattered everywhere in your system. To make file management more focused and convenient, these applications are gathered onto the Computer page, which can be opened by double-clicking or right-clicking on it.

Simplified System Installation 

 Create partitions more easily

The system installer is optimized to support automatically mounting the swap partition, and detecting the existing EFI partition in dual systems (no need to create an EFI partition again). The simplified installation process makes you free from the tedious operations in manual installation and enhances the overall experience.


Powerful Features




Considerate Deepin Browser

Update functions and performance for more convenience

Deepin Browser has experienced a major version update and comprehensive optimization for functions and performances to meet your needs in multiple scenarios.

| Collections

If you want to favorite something interesting in the process of online surfing, you may use the new Collections feature. It supports collecting not only webpages but also texts and pictures. You will not miss any wonderful information by using it.

You can also categorize and search the collected contents. For important content, you can stick them on top and sort them in groups by the creation time for quick search and location in the future.


| Tab groups

When there are too many open tabs, it is hard to find the one you want quickly, so the tab group feature is added in this version.

After creating a group, you can add some tabs to it. And you can search open and recently closed tabs now. Both of them make finding tabs faster.


| QR code for webpages

For something interesting on the webpage, you can create a QR code for the page and share it, and others who get the code only need to scan it to open the webpage.


The browser kernel has been upgraded from chromium83 to chromium93, which greatly improves the performance and comprehensively improves the browsing experience.


Personalized Grand Search

Improve interactions for easy access

Grand Search has received positive feedback from users since its launch, and it is upgraded again to offer you easier-to-use interactions.


When the search results appear, press the Ctrl key and click on any search result to open the path where the file is located.

And you can change Dock settings in Control Center to set if showing the grand search icon in the Dock depending on your needs.


Convenient Screen Capture

Make operations faster


Screen Capture supports capturing the whole content into a long screenshot and has the OCR function to extract text from the screenshot with one click easily, making text editing more convenient.


In this release, useful shortcuts for these two functions are added - press Ctrl+Alt+L to start taking scrolling screenshots and press Ctrl+Alt+L to call out the OCR feature, reducing the clicking time greatly and making operations faster.


For more information about deepin 20.4, click here.


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