The Deepin app store has been updated, and we have been working hard on the update of the store!  The following is the detailed update record, please refer to

Application Added

No. Status Category Name Type
1 Placement Development Eclipse for PHP Developers Linux
2 Placement Music QQ Music Wine
3 Placement Video iQIYI Wine

Application Updated

No. Status Category Name Type
1 Updates Development Julia Linux
2 Updates System uTools Linux
3 Updates Development Visual Studio Code Linux
4 Updates Development DataGrip Linux
5 Updates Office PDFsam Linux
6 Updates Development Eclipse IDE for Scientific Computing Linux
7 Updates Development Rider Linux
8 Updates Internet Firefox ESR Linux
9 Updates Internet Thunderbird Mail Client Linux
10 Updates Chat Skype Linux
11 Updates Development Postman Linux
12 Updates Development RubyMine Linux
13 Updates Development IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Linux
14 Updates Development WebStorm Linux
15 Updates System Etcher Linux
16 Updates Multimedia Editing Shotcut Linux
17 Updates Chat Rocket.Chat Linux
18 Updates Reading MasterPDF editor Linux
19 Updates Office Typora Linux
20 Updates Office WizNote Linux
21 Updates Internet Chrome Linux
22 Updates Reading Calibre Linux
23 Updates Development Sublime Text 4 Linux


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