“This event was like a cool journey into the world of Linux and deepin, impressing everyone, and leaving us all wanting to participate in such activities more.”

——Mosquera, the campus alliance ambassador of Yachay Tech University in Ecuador.


The deepin Campus Alliance is dedicated to promoting open-source culture and technology, nurturing generations of students passionate about open source. With the continuous development of technology and the increasing frequency of international exchanges, the deepin Campus Alliance has begun to focus on overseas markets, actively establishing connections with overseas universities, and introducing the advantages of open-source culture and the deepin system through lectures, seminars, and other activities. Currently, the deepin Campus Alliance has established contacts with multiple overseas universities, attracting more and more overseas members to join the learning and practice of open-source technology. They not only share their user experiences through social media but also actively participate in the improvement and optimization of the deepin system. The addition of these overseas users injects new vitality into the development of the deepin system.

In mid-May 2024, Mosquera, the ambassador of the deepin Campus Alliance at Yachay Tech University in Ecuador, organized the "deepin and coffee" offline exchange activities for two consecutive weeks, attracting dozens of open-source enthusiasts to participate.

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The event facilitated a comprehensive discussion on the deepin system and its developmental trends, covering multiple aspects:

  1. In-depth Understanding of deepin: Campus ambassadors first provided participants with a detailed introduction to the background and development history of deepin, guiding them to delve into the deepin system, showcasing its features and advantages. They displayed deepin's distinctive desktop environment (including beautiful icons, exquisite wallpapers, and practical toolbars) and introduced participants to deepin's advantages in file management, multitasking, web browsing, and more. Through hands-on experience, participants profoundly experienced the smoothness and user-friendliness of deepin. Besides showcasing its functionalities, ambassadors also shared some statistical data and empirical research on deepin. Evaluation results from authoritative institutions demonstrate that deepin excels in performance, stability, security, and more. Additionally, deepin boasts a large user base and active community support, providing users with abundant resources and assistance.

  2. Hands-on Installation of deepin: For many technology enthusiasts eager to explore new things, being able to personally install deepin on their devices is undoubtedly the most exciting aspect. The alliance ambassadors prepared detailed installation guides for participants and provided professional technical staff for guidance, making the entire process very smooth. Feedback and suggestions were collected on-site from some participants who expressed their desire for further improvements in deepin's functionalities to enhance user experience. They also stated their intention to actively recommend deepin to their friends, enabling more individuals to understand and use this outstanding operating system.

  3. Technical Discussion and Exchange: Enthusiasts present engaged in discussions on various technical advantages and characteristics of deepin, delving into aspects such as desktop compatibility, gaming performance, and overall system efficiency. Alliance ambassadors showcased deepin's excellent performance on various hardware devices through practical examples. Participants were impressed by deepin's ability to smoothly run popular games, whether large 3D games or casual mini-games. Moreover, enthusiasts at the event also tested deepin's overall system efficiency, from system startup speed and task processing efficiency to resource utilization, all showcasing deepin's superior performance.

  4. Engagement in Future Activities: This event fully ignited the enthusiasm of enthusiasts present to participate in future activities, which will continue to focus on deepin-related open-source events.

  5. Novel Ideas for Open Source Projects: The event also discussed two exciting projects:

    • Physics Simulation Software: Developing software compatible with Yachay Tech's powerful Quinde 1 supercomputer based on deepin.
    • Rural Education Artificial Intelligence: Creating an offline AI-based tutor deployed on devices like Raspberry Pi, using deepin as the underlying operating system, with the aim of bridging the knowledge gap between rural communities in Ecuador and Colombia.


image.png      image.png

Partial snapshots of the activities.

The expansion achievements of the deepin Campus Alliance in overseas markets not only showcase the robust vitality of open-source technology but also reflect the rise of the Chinese open-source community on the international stage. By sharing these vivid stories and inspirational experiences, we hope to ignite greater interest and enthusiasm for open-source technology, collectively contributing to technological innovation.

Let us join hands and advance together, spanning mountains and seas, to collectively build the dream of open source! In the days to come, the deepin Campus Alliance will continue to dedicate itself to promoting open-source culture and technology, nurturing more outstanding open-source talents, and injecting new momentum into global technological innovation and development.

At the same time, we also look forward to more people joining this big family, whether they are students, teachers, or business professionals. As long as they have passion and pursuit for open-source technology, they can find their own stage here. Let us work together to sow the seeds of open-source culture into broader horizons, allowing it to take root, sprout, and thrive around the world.



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