Overview of deepin community in January

In January 2024, 975 friends joined the deepin open source community family, and there are currently 151,007 forum partners;

In January, the first deepin Meetup of 2024 was officially held in Beijing. At the same time, the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Wallpaper Contest organized by the deepin community also came to a perfect conclusion;

In January, the deepin SIG group submitted a total of 1116 PRs and 294 Issues. Currently, there are 40 SIG groups.

community products

Deepin Home

In January 2024, Deepin Home received a total of 166 user demand feedback and bugs:

Among them, there are 126 bug feedbacks, 40 demand feedbacks, and 16 have been fixed/confirmed, including user feedback [Linglong uninstall application command, an error will be reported when executed for the first time, and the uninstallation will be successful after executing it again], [Cannot log in after WeChat update] And other issues.

SIG group progress in January


  • DDE-launchpad leaves the technology preview stage, and DDE-shell, Treeland, and DDM enter the technology preview stage.

dde-port SIG:

  • Continue to promote the porting of DDE in various distributions
  • Initial support for DDE v23 under BigLinux distributions


  • Continue to package and maintain the system warehouse


  • Continuously improve the intelligence of automated assembly lines


  • The production of wallpapers suitable for deepin has been started and is being submitted to the app store.


App Store

100 new applications: Among the new applications, 99 applications were simultaneously updated to deepin V23, 99 applications were Linux applications, and 1 Wine application;

The new applications include ZW3D 2024, OpenTrace and many other mainstream applications;

124 applications updated: Among the updated applications, 80 applications were updated simultaneously in deepin V23. Among them, 113 are Linux applications, 7 Android applications, and 4 Wine applications;

Applications updated in January include mainstream applications such as QQ, Mo Dao, and Youdao Cloud Notes.


deepin Forum

A total of 8803 posts were posted on the deepin forum in January;

A total of 1092 topic posts were published;

More than 900+ new friends have joined the deepin forum.


Community Acknowledgments

[The most active member of the forum]

  • Ani Sakura Nana
  • buyike
  • lateautumn

[The most active partner in internal testing]

  • Yanxiazhi
  • e*t@gmail.com**
  • jiutian123

[The most active PR contributors]

  • Zeno-sole
  • UTsweetyfish
  • Decodetalkers
  • xzl01
  • 18202781743
  • liyigang1
  • tsic404

Every contributor has had a huge impact on the development of the Deepin open source community. Welcome to work with us to raise the mast of Deepin!


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