deepin Community Overview in May

In May 2024, 1,052 friends joined the deepin community, and there are currently 154,962 forum partners;

In May, deepin V23 officially released the RC version. In this RC version, more than 10+ applications added 50+ new features;

In addition to launching new activities in May, the deepin campus alliance also went overseas to communicate with deepin enthusiasts around the world;

In May, there were 43 deepin SIG groups, and the SIG groups submitted a total of 458 PRs and 244 Issues.


Community Product

deepin V23 RC released

On May 15, 2024, deepin V23 RC was officially released. In this version, a large number of new features have been added to the installer, launcher, taskbar, etc. to further enhance the user experience.

In this RC version, the UI design that users are concerned about has also been greatly improved, and the functions such as the taskbar being moved to the left that users have been feedback on have also been implemented. deepin V23 RC is currently continuing to collect user experience. You are welcome to feedback more questions and needs through the deepin forum and Deepin Home, or participate in the deepin V23 internal test. Thank you for the participation of every deepin user.

deepin V23 RC Release Notes:

Obtain Historical Versions of deepin System (Including deepin V15):


deepin home

In May 2024, Deepin Home received a total of 353 user bug and demand feedback:

Among them, there were 288 bug feedbacks, 65 demand feedbacks, 17 fixed, 133 recurring, and 37 confirmed.

The fixed bugs include [task bar label task error], [clipboard content cannot be copied], [

battery icon cannot display power and charging] and other issues reported by users;


SIG Group Progress in May

Current Group Dynamics:


  • Maintain and update baseline packages
  • Release deepin v23 RC version


  • Release new dde-shell with RC version

DDE-port SIG:

  • Continue to promote the porting of dde in various distributions


Community Activity

deepin Campus Alliance

In mid-May 2024, Mosquera, the campus alliance ambassador of Yachay Tech University in Ecuador, held an offline exchange event "deepin and coffee" for two consecutive weeks at the school, with dozens of open source enthusiasts participating.

At the event, Mosquera, the campus alliance ambassador, led the students present to fully understand deepin, demonstrated how to install deepin by hand, and discussed with the enthusiasts present the many advantages and characteristics of deepin at the technical level, and in-depth discussions on desktop compatibility, game performance, and overall system efficiency. The alliance ambassador demonstrated the outstanding performance of deepin on various hardware devices through actual cases.

Read More:


PM Direct

[PM Direct] is a new column launched by the deepin community in May 2024. In this column, we will invite product managers of different products to share with you fun and useful deepin or Linux related applications. Product managers will also communicate and answer questions with all users in the deepin forum.

In May, the Product Face to Face column brought users relevant sharing about the taskbar and manager. Product manager Mei Yixiang discussed and answered questions with forum users in the deepin forum. At the same time, the May Product Face to Face column also brought everyone related sharing of UOS AI and printer manager. Interested friends can search [Product Face to Face] in the deepin forum to learn more about the column.


deepin Forum

In May, 10,843 posts were published on deepin forum;

A total of 1,567 topics were published;

More than 1,000 new friends joined deepin forum


Community Acknowledgement

[Most active forum partner]

  • Shemo
  • Ani Sakura Nana
  • neko

[Most active beta partner]

  • 我是昵称
  • 指尖
  • buyike
  • 悠享余光
  • 没事儿瞎转悠

[Most active PR contributor]

  • wjyrich
  • Van020530
  • lJxDabab
  • studyhu
  • yuanxia0927



1)   deepin V23 RC ISO :

2)  deepin Previous Versions:


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