Deepin Editor is a lightweight text editor with some customized functions, which can be used not only to edit the texts, but also to write the code.



Immersive Tab Bar

Similar to Chrome tab bar, Deepin Editor supports dragging, moving, splitting, and merging tabs freely.

Smart Context Menu

With 272 kinds of syntax highlighting, code can be viewed structurally and errors can be found easily.
What’s more, there are two options "Turn on Read-Only mode" and "Open in file manager" that users need most.

Multiple Themes

Five themes are built in to customize user interface, switching to your desired theme at one click.


Three kinds of keymaps are provided: Standard, Emacs, Customize, to seamlessly fit your personalized habits.

On Deepin Editor interface, press Ctrl+shift+? to call out the shortcuts list.

Welcome to download Deepin Editor from Deepin Store.


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