Deepin File Manager V1.4 is a bug fix version, it has added part of the function and optimized some of the operations, and fixed the bug user feeded.

Newly Added:

  • Added setting options;
  • Added disk format function(for USB disk and mobile HDD);
  • Added direct preview for compressed files in file manager;
  • Added support for FTP/SFTP protocol;
  • Added "Open in new window as admin" in right context menu;
  • Added disk space display in computer interface;
  • Added properties of right context menu for computer;
  • Added search function for "other" option “open with” dialog;
  • Added support for view plugins;
  • Added support for right context menu and config plugins;
  • Added icons for open with programs;
  • Added shortcut keys for switching tab windows;
  • Unified the system file chooser dialog(based on Deepin File Manager);

Function Optimized:

  • Optimized the file properties;
  • Optimized the file "open with" options;
  • Optimized the folder sharing functions;
  • Optimized the file opening permissions function;
  • Optimized Trash related operations;
  • Optimized the prompts for file mounting and executable files;
  • Optimized the progress dialog for file copying;
  • Optimized the auto indexing function for hard disks;

Bug Fixed:

  • Rewrited the file mounting/unmounting module;
  • Redesigned the progress dialog for file copying;
  • Fixed the issue that it will miss some of the files when copied files to mobile phones or remote locations like Samba;
  • Fixed the issue that the access or select operation could stuck when there are many files in mobile phones or remote locations like Samba;
  • Fixed part of the user reported problems in V1.3;

Deepin user can get Deepin File Manager V1.4 by updating & upgrading the system, or searching and downloading through Deepin Store.



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