Deepin File Manager V1.5 is a bug fix version, it has added part of the function and optimized some of the operations, and fixed the bug user feeded.

Newly Added:

  • Added preview function for image, text, audio, PDF and other types of file (press Space key to trigger);
  • Added merging function for folder copying / moving.

Function Optimized:

  • Optimized the logic when replacing files that have same name but different types;
  • Optimized "Save as" dialog and drop-down box for choosing file type;
  • Optimized "Open with" function;
  • Optimized display for free disk space;
  • Optimized information given when conflicts occurs in file copying;
  • Optimized file copying from mobile phone to local disk;
  • Optimized file I/O for local disk;
  • Optimized function for file searching and locating by typing keys;
  • Optimized function of interacting with Chrome when popping up dialog for download;
  • Optimized function for file searching by initial letter;
  • Optimized colors for file renaming in list mode;
  • Optimized renaming function in tile mode;
  • Optimized prompt when there is no enough disk space;
  • Optimized speed displaying when dealing with large file;
  • Optimized menu displaying when operating in read-only mode;
  • Optimized keyboard control in location "computer:///";

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed issues concerning wallpaper settings, desktop corner and context menu;
  • Fixed file sorting issue;
  • Fixed icon displaying issue;
  • Fixed issue that file manager crashes when closing several tabs;
  • Fixed issue of freezing when formatting USB stick;
  • Fixed issue that new windows cannot be open by pressing Ctrl-N;
  • Fixed issue that the file name in "Save as" dialog is not updated;
  • Fixed issue that dialog from file copying remain after unplug USB stick;
  • Fixed abnormal encoding in text preview;
  • Fixed issue that file manage crashes when restoring files from trash;
  • Fixed issue that source files are not removed after copying / moving files across partition;
  • Fixed issue that some USB sticks are not shown in file manager;
  • Fixed part of the reported problems reported by community users;

Deepin user can get Deepin File Manager V1.5 by updating & upgrading the system, or searching and downloading through Deepin Store.



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