Deepin File Manager V1.6.1 is a revision, which has not only added some features, but also optimized the details and fixed user feedback.

New Features:

  • Newly designed search and trash list;
  • Auto mount and open in settings;
  • Adjust and optimized the dialog style of file cpoy conflict;
  • Newly added the function that music will be auto played when preview by Space;
  • Newly supported to open URL shorcut in Windows;

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fxied the issue that error occured when press Ctrl +mouse to copy;
  • Fixed the issue that scrollbar still existed when no contents need to scroll;
  • Fixed the issue that file can not be deleted by clicking on Delete after selected;
  • Fixed the issue that file with the same name will be overwritten without prompting when copy file from smb to local;
  • Fixed the issue that decryption dialog will be popped up to determine whether the bookmark exists if it's in an encrypted disk when clicking on the left bookmark;

Welcome to use Deepin File Manager V1.6.1 by updating your system or downloading in Deepin Store.



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