"Hey, why are you still using QtCreator? We already have deepin-IDE now. Why don't you give it a try?"

"Although deepin-IDE has all the basic functions, it's not very user-friendly. Many people in the forums have said the same."

"Oh? We should look at this from a perspective of development. Now, deepin-IDE is much more lightweight and even supports bootstrapping. You can use an IDE developed by yourself to develop your own projects. Don't believe me? Let's dig into the issues on Deepin's forum together and see for ourselves."

Editor Improvements

"You see, this deepiner below mentions that the font in deepin-IDE doesn't look good and feels awkward to use, affecting the coding experience."


"This was in the previous version, but now it has been changed to a monospaced font and supports editor font configuration, size configuration, and scaling configuration."


"Furthermore, commonly used shortcuts are now supported as well, which is very helpful for veterans who prefer keyboard operations."


"Alright, with that issue resolved, let's take a look at this bizarre problem below."


"This deepiner mentions that the code completion feels abrupt and not user-friendly, which can significantly impact the user experience!"

"Actually, this is a conflict between the syntax service completion and the AI code completion, causing the completion content to appear randomly when pressing the TAB key. Fortunately, this issue has been resolved, and users can now see AI code completion in the syntax completion list. They can select it using the shortcut Ctrl + T to avoid conflicts."


"Sounds good! Let me know if you need any further assistance when you give it a try later on."


From usable to useful

"I used deepin-IDE before and found it to have very few available features, which greatly affected my usage. Just like the deepiner mentioned below, some of the feature entrances are too obscure."


"Yes, deepin-IDE is developed based on DTK. Its menu is located in the upper right corner, and I suspect that few people pay attention to it."


"And many features are not placed in the toolbar, which has caused misunderstandings among users. But in fact, they do exist. In the latest version, some features have been added to the toolbar and right-click menu, making it much more convenient to use."


Engineering right-click menu:


Editor right-click menu:




"How about now? Can you find the function entry now?

"Also, there's plugin management available. If you enjoy tinkering with some small tools in your spare time, you can try writing a plugin yourself. Some simple plugins can be implemented in just a few lines of code."


"Alright, alright. There's one more question that has been on my mind. I wonder if deepin-IDE now supports a dark theme because I'm used to developing on a dark theme."

"That's a definite yes. The latest version's interface, syntax highlighting, and other features are compatible with a dark theme. Users can choose their preferred theme according to their preferences. Why don't you take a look and see how it looks?"



deepin-IDE Achieves Bootstrapping

"Wait, I remember there's one more crucial feature: debugging! The old version seems to lack support for displaying Qt variables and viewing sub-variables, which makes debugging Qt projects quite challenging."

"Without further ado, let's see the results directly."


"The debugging efficiency is much faster now compared to before, and it also supports displaying Qt variables and sub-variables."

"Well, that's great! Now I can use it with confidence."

"That's right, feel free to use it. After all, the team developing deepin-IDE has already started using it for self-bootstrapping. Although they've encountered quite a few issues, they've been working tirelessly to make progress and have fixed many issues from the last major version till now!"

"Of course, because there's a lot to do, some issues haven't been addressed yet, but they're already in the plan."


How to install and use in deepin V23

deepin-IDE latest version download mode

(1) Open the inner source and download by command: sudo apt install deepin-unioncode

(2) Download via Github: https://github.com/linuxdeepin/deepin-unioncode/releases

In addition, deepin-IDE will be available on the deepin V23 App Store in the near future. You just need to search 'deepin-IDE' in the app shop to download and install it.




"You see, deepin-IDE has improved a lot now. Shouldn't you generously share this news with our community friends?"

"Yeah, I think everyone should start using it so that we can discover more issues, and deepin-IDE can improve rapidly."

"I'll go post a tweet right away, encouraging everyone to take action. I'll name the tweet..."

"deepin-IDE Finally Achieves Bootstraping!"


Content source: deepin community

Author: deepin-mozart

Reprinted with attribution

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