Deepin Manual V2.0 is released!

Deepin Manual as a manual carrier aims to help more deepin users! Whether a new or an advanced deepin user, you can learn more about deepin and its family applications from it.


A collection of manuals - learn deepin comprehensively

Based on the old version, Deepin Manual V2.0 integrated the manuals of deepin desktop environment and applications together, so you can get a full understanding quickly; what is more, it provided an icon entrance in Launcher, so you can start it more quickly and easily.



System Integration - get manual efficiently

Deepin Manual has been integrated in the system. When you encounter problems in the use of applications, you can click on Help in the main menu to view the manual, and get the answer for specific questions, which is quite efficient. In addition, you can press [F1] to call the manual, and find the content you want easily.



Navigation display - find the content easily

The main interface is clean and beautiful, and each manual shows in navigation according to the function module. Scroll up and down by mouse wheel, the title in navigation will be shown synchronously with the body text.


To achieve the best effect, the icons and pictures in the text have been redesigned, the image can be enlarged by clicking, and HiDPI adaptation has been supported.



Internal links - experience a better interaction

Deepin Manual adopted internal links to link contents. You can click the internal link to jump to the corresponding section; If the text links to the manual of another application, a pop-up window will be presented.



Smart search - find what you want exactly

A search box is built in the middle of the top. Click and input a keyword, Deepin Manual auto-matches and shows all the titles and contents with the keyword. Different from the traditional document search, it can skip to the required content precisely by clicking the search result.




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