Deepin OpenSymbol is a series of symbols that Deepin Technology Team recreated based on Wingdings. It contains shorthand signs, gestures and arrows which are used in work and life, and other worldly used common symbols.
So, why we designed this Deepin OpenSymbol font? Our designer will tell!


Round Corners

For Deepin OpenSymbol, most of the corners are round in design, it is different from the sharp corners of Microsoft Wingdings. On one hand, round design makes characters more mellow, and comfortable and gentle to look at; on the other hand, it better matches with deepin’s icon design style, makes it consistency for fonts and system.


Flatten Design

Moreover, Microsoft Wingdings was designed in 1990, its sharp corners and micro stereo graphics do not comply with the current design trend. In the current society, flatten design is the mainstream. Mellow round corner design without the redundant, complex stereo graphics, better fits the aesthetic standard of modern people.




Modern Style

Furthermore, for some characters, the design in Windings (such as “computer”, “mouse” and so on) is too old to fit the modern peripherals. So some characters are fundamentally changed in Deepin OpenSymbol. But for some basic and general symbols, their appearances did not change much. Such as arrow, round, square, polygon and so on.




Easy to Install

You can easily download and install at Font Introduction Page.
“Use” and “Beauty” are the basics in life. To sum up, Deepin OpenSymbol complies with the current design trend, featured with both beauty and practicability, it will be a fine choice for your work and life.


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