New Applications

No. APP Name App Category App Type
1 Mochi Word Cards Education & Learning linux
2 Gopeed Web Application linux
3 Christmas Eve Series Wallpapers Personalization linux
4 Clouds - Original God Games & Entertainment linux
5 Frappe Books Efficiency Office linux
6 btop Programming linux
7 Pinta - Image Processing Graphics linux
8 Horizon EDA Programming linux
9 opsu! Game Entertainment linux
10 Stendhal Game Entertainment linux
11 You are the operating system Game Entertainment linux
12 Lightning Vine File Transfer Web Apps linux
13 Chord Music Radio linux
14 Flame Twelve Scrolls Graphics linux
15 Text Encoding Conversion System Tools linux
16 Add double quotes to each line of text System Tools linux
17 Reactotron Web Applications linux
18 Realm Studio Web Applications linux
19 Polypane Web Applications linux
20 Phinch Web Applications linux
21 SerialPlot Web Application linux
22 The snowy season wallpaper Personalization linux
23 City Wallpapers-Qingdao Personalization linux
24 mockman Web Application linux
25 ExtremeCooling4Linux System Tools linux
26 Bug Bounty! Games & Entertainment linux
27 IntelliJ Writerside Programming linux
28 Pyslvs Game Entertainment linux
29 pyslvs Education & Learning linux
30 Pyslvs Efficiency Office linux
31 Pyslvs quteman Web Application linux
32 Kommit Programming linux
33 KDE Log Browser System Tools linux
34 KTechlab Microelectronics IDE Education and Learning linux
35 KXStitch Cross Stitch Editor Graphics linux

Application Updates

No. APP Name App Category APP Type
1 Cryptr Network Applications linux
2 Bitwarden Connector Web Applications linux
3 Apprentice Video Graphics linux
4 animos Web Applications linux
5 Sudoku Games & Entertainment linux
6 AisleRiot Solitaire Games & Entertainment linux
7 MAME-Arcade Simulator(Light Edition) Games & Entertainment linux
8 MAME-Arcade Simulator Gaming Entertainment linux
9 WeChat Social Communication wine
10 LabPlot2 Data Visualization Education & Learning linux
11 KTurtle-Educational Programming Education & Learning linux
12 FileZilla-FTP client Network Application linux
13 KRename Batch Rename System Tools linux
14 Square Theme Personalization linux
15 Minuet Music Classroom Educational Learning linux
16 Rocs Graph Theory Educational Learning linux
17 Telly Skout Graphics linux
18 AnyShare - Content Collaboration Platform Efficiency Office linux
19 Kontrast Graphics linux
20 KGraphViewer Graphics linux
21 Keysmith Two-Step Validator System Tools linux
22 POT-Translation Tool Convenient Life linux
23 Foxmail Efficiency Office wine
24 Kanagram Alphabet Sorting Game Games & Entertainment linux
25 KBibTeX Literature Manager Information Reading linux
26 KDiff3 System Tools linux
27 Artikulate Pronunciation Trainer Education & Learning linux
28 Kirigami Example Gallery Programming linux
29 Kate Advanced Text Editor Efficiency Office linux
30 Tabby Terminal System Tools linux
31 KMix Sound Adjustment Video Editing linux
32 KeePassXC-Password Management Web Application linux
33 OpenJournal Web Application linux
34 Xscreensaver System Tools linux
35 Zulip Social Communication linux
36 VYM-Mind Map Office Efficiency linux
37 Webrecorder Social Communication linux
38 notepad - text editor Efficiency Office linux
39 EasyEDA Pro Graphics linux
40 VeChain Sync Web Apps linux
41 Archive Manager Decompression and Burning linux
42 Axe Electrum Programming linux
43 Pennywise Web Application linux
44 Avant Garde Web Applications linux
45 Bulk Reviewer System Tools linux
46 Microsoft Edge Stable Web Application linux
47 Banana Financial Accounting+ Financial Management linux
48 Qt 5 Linguist Programming linux
49 Qt 5 Designer Programming linux
50 Qt 5 Assistant Programming Development linux
51 SKype Social Communication linux
52 Firefox ESR (Mozilla English version) Web Application linux
53 Thunderbird Email Client Efficiency Office linux
54 StoRadit Efficiency Office linux
55 Kdenlive-Video Editor Video Editing linux
56 FF Password Exporter Programming linux
57 Kdenlive-video editor Office Efficiency linux
58 reZonator Education and Learning linux
59 Mirage Programming Development linux
60 Parley Vocabulary Practitioner Educational Learning linux
61 Okular Document Viewer Office Efficiency linux
62 Okteta-Hexadecimal Editor Programming Development linux
63 Lokalize Assisted Translation System Office Efficiency linux
64 DawnlightSearch System Tools linux
65 KWrite-Text Editor Efficiency Office linux
66 KWordQuiz Vocabulary Training Cards Education & Learning linux
67 Kwave Sound Editor Video Editing linux
68 KTimer Timing Task System Tools linux
69 KTeaTime Tea Timer Convenient Life linux
70 QtMips Programming linux
71 Electron Player Video Playback linux
72 Roma Programming linux
73 Wexond Programming linux
74 Khmer Typing Education and Learning linux
75 Chatbox AI Efficiency Office linux
76 OpenAudible Information Reading linux
77 KSystemLog System Log System Tools linux
78 OBS Studio - Live Video Recording Video Editor linux
79 Reaper-Audio Editor Video Editing linux
80 Qt Creator Programming linux
81 LibreOffice-Office Suite (Full Language) Efficiency Office linux
82 Wonderful Pen Efficiency Office linux
83 Alarm Clock Baby Convenient Life linux
84 KRuler - Metrics System Tools linux
85 krfb-Desktop Sharing Web Application linux
86 Konsole-Terminal System Tools linux
87 KolourPaint small painter Graphics linux
88 KmPlot Function Plotter Education & Learning linux
89 KMouth Voice Wizard System Tools linux
90 CircuitBlocks Programming linux
91 KMag Magnifier System Tools linux
92 Kiten Japanese Learning Educational Learning linux
93 UOS AI System Tools linux
94 Lyricistant Efficiency Office linux
95 Rainbow Board Efficiency Office linux
96 Sheikah Convenient Life linux
97 Free CAD-3D Modeling Graphics linux
98 Document Viewer Efficiency Office linux
99 Cinema Video Playback linux
100 ZeroTier One Web Application linux
101 Bodacious Music Radio linux
102 KImageMapEditor HTML Image Mapping Editor Programming linux
103 KGet Download Manager Web Application linux
104 KGeography Geography Teacher Education & Learning linux
105 KFloppy-Floppy Formatting System Tools linux
106 KFind File Finder System Tools linux
107 KDiskFree Disk Usage Viewer System Tools linux
108 KDE Connect System Tools linux
109 KCharSelect Character Selector System Tools linux
110 Kcalc Calculator System Tools linux
111 KCachegrind Performance Analyzer Programming linux
112 KBruch Fraction Exercise Education & Learning linux
113 KBackup File Backup System Tools linux
114 KAppTemplate Programming linux
115 KAlgebra Graphing Calculator System Tools linux
116 Cataclysm: Aftermath Game & Entertainment linux
117 Music Music Radio linux
118 Package Installer System Tools linux
119 Photo Albums Graphics linux
120 Runelite Games & Entertainment linux
121 Falkon Browser Web Apps linux
122 Elisa Music Player Music Radio linux
123 Cantor Mathematical Statistics Toolkit Efficiency Office linux
124 Ark Compressed File Management Tool Decompression and Burning linux
125 A Photo Tool Video Editing linux
126 Colorpicker Graphics linux
127 ser-player​ Video Playback linux
128 sabaki-Go Learning Games & Entertainment linux
129 Cliniface Graphics linux
130 IPTVnator-player Video Playback linux
131 LeoCAD-Lego Design Programming linux
132 Spyder Programming Development linux
133 Ardour8 Digital Audio Workstation Video Editing linux
134 Unciv-Civilization 5 open source remake Game & Entertainment linux
135 Tencent Conference Social Communication linux
136 FastoRedis Programming linux
137 Security Diary Efficiency Office linux
138 ZW CAD Mechanical Edition 2024 Graphics linux
139 MU Programming linux
140 deepin-wine Diagnostic Tool Programming linux
141 Master PDF Editor Office Efficiency linux
142 Visual Studio Code Programming linux
143 Cavoke Game & Entertainment linux
144 My-Budget Finance linux
145 Mockoon Programming linux
146 Altair Programming linux
147 DIa-Drawing Efficiency Office linux
148 ChatGPT Desktop Efficiency Office linux
149 Calibre - eBook management Information Reading linux
150 Inkscape-Vector Drawing Graphics linux
151 Discord-Voice Chat Social Communication linux
152 Firefox(Mozilla English version) Web Apps linux
153 Firefox(Mozilla Chinese version) Web Apps linux
154 Navicat 16 Advanced Edition-Database Management Programming linux
155 Shotcut-Video editing Video Editing linux
156 Paintboard Graphics linux
157 Text Editor Office Efficiency linux
158 Boot Disk Creator System Tools linux
159 Library Baby Education & Learning linux
160 calculist desktop Efficiency Office linux
161 clipboard-to-qrcode Efficiency Office linux
162 Downline Web Application linux
163 ElectroCRUD Programming linux
164 NoteMaster Office Efficiency linux
165 Genet Graphics linux
166 Infection Monkey System Tools linux
167 Kopia Web Applications linux
168 Loginized Graphics linux
169 Kopia Programming linux
170 Mapeo Convenient Life linux
171 MQTTCute-MQTT Desktop Client Programming linux
172 noteshrink-qt Programming linux
173 Dexter Dev Env Programming linux
174 Pext Programming linux
175 PhreshPlayer Video Playback linux
176 ProofKeeper Efficiency Office linux
177 Slippi Launcher Game Entertainment linux
178 Thorium Reader Information Reading linux
179 TurboWarp Education & Learning linux
180 Scintillator Video Editing linux
181 Lazarus Programming linux
182 SciQLOP Efficiency Office linux
183 Tesseract Programming linux
184 Thorium Web Application linux
185 UltraGrid Video Editing linux
186 Vuerd System Tools linux
187 Disks - Disk Management System Tools linux
188 Puppetry - Testing Tools Programming linux
189 Responsively App Web Applications linux
190 EnvKey System Tools linux
191 Yandex - Browser Web Applications linux
192 GDevelop 5 Programming linux
193 Detect It Easy System Tools linux
194 LibrePCB - Open Source PCB Design Tool Programming linux
195 IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Programming Development linux
196 IntelliJ GoLand Programming Development linux
197 IntelliJ RubyMine Programming Development linux
198 IntelliJ Rider Programming linux
199 IntelliJ PhpStorm Programming linux
200 IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Programming linux
201 IntelliJ DataSpell Programming linux
202 IntelliJ PyCharm Community Edition Programming linux
203 IntelliJ WebStorm Programming linux
204 IntelliJ PyCharm Professional Programming Development linux
205 Microsoft Social Communication wine
206 CP Editor Programming linux
207 Code-OSS Programming linux
208 Cerebral-Debugger Web Application linux

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