dde 15.10.2 (2019.07.01)
* Fixed: setting the background wallpaper of boot menu failed;
* Fixed: the random crash of Deepin Calendar;
* Fixed: the password field lost focus after authentication failed;
* Added: support simultaneous password and fingerprint verification;

* Fixed: the shortcuts cannot be used to start an app when searching in Launcher;

* Fixed: it was not recognized on some computer models whether the power adapter was used;
* Fixed: the volume list was hidden when adjusting the volume;
* Fixed: the dock crash when clicking the window preview if window effect was disabled;
* Improved the screen preview;

Control Center:
* Added: support the user without a password;
* Fixed: the abnormal display of user account interface;
* Fixed: the overlap display of the shortcuts;
* Fixed: the error box did not disappear when modifying the password;
* Fixed: in custom settings of multi-display environment, the merge mode exited automatically when the screen resolution was changed;

* Added: support the user without a password;
* Added: support LDAP user login;
* Fixed: the password field lost focus after suspending;
* Fixed: the stuck on lock screen and login interface after suspending for a long time;

* Fixed: the abnormal screen display when opening a window with titlebar after enabling and disabling the window effect many times;
* Fixed: the window cannot be minimized, and Deepin Movie cannot play the video after the minimized window was restored;
* Fixed: the window was not shown when clicking the window preview on dock after the window was minimized;
* Fixed: the +/- button in workspace management interface became smaller after being clicked on HiDPI;
* Fixed: the window of WPS Office was not shown sometimes;
* Limited the number of workspaces to a maximum of four;
* Improved the window dragging experience on touchscreen, and fixed the “window resize”misoperation when dragging;
* The window menu adopted the menu controls in deepin style;
* Fixed: the abnormal display of window titlebar when the display scaling ratio was two;
* Fixed: there was no preview picture on dock if the window was minimized;
* Fixed: the window cannot get the focus in some cases;
* Fixed: the invalid shortcuts Super + Shift + Numeric Keys. You can use it to move current window to the specified workspace again.
* Disabled: on the workspace management interface, press Alt, and drag and drop the window to move it to another workspace. You can drag and drop the window directly without pressing Alt;
* The “Close Window” function in corner settings only worked for the maximized window and that can be closed;
* Added: a warning prompt if clicking multitasking view while the window effect was disabled;
* Fixed: in kwin, the screensaver was shown on only one screen when in muti-display environment;
* Fixed: in kwin, after showing the desktop and the screensaver started, the dock was shown on the screensaver.

Deepin File Manager
* Fixed: the disk cannot be recognized as the removable disk correctly when using the new lsblk;
* Fixed: the security issue of the formatting tool;
* Fixed: the crash of context menu in recent file list;
* Fixed: the auto merge status on desktop cannot be remembered;
* Removed the menu options in the copying dialog and the file selection dialog;
* Delayed the auto index of the disk to prevent the slow system startup.

Deepin Clone 1.1.3-1+comsta
* Bug fixes.

Deepin Editor 1.2.9-1+comsta
* Fixed: the crash when saving the file in other desktop environments;
* Fixed: the existing window was not at the top when double clicking another file to open it;
* Changed the default open location to “Documents” folder when selecting a file.

Deepin Graphics Driver Manager 1.1.9-1+comsta
* Disabled the NV-PRIME solution temporarily.

Deepin Image Viewer 1.3.17-1+comsta
* Fixed: the invalid page setup in print preview.

Deepin Movie
* Fixed: the window stuck when switching in multi-screens.

Deepin Music 3.1.18-1+comsta
* Fixed: the window was not at the top when double clicking a file to open it.

Deepin Screen Recorder 2.8.0-1+comsta
* Fixed: the window cannot be selected.

Deepin Screenshot 4.2.1-1+comsta
* Fixed: the incorrect window capture in multi-display environment;
* Fixed: the burl tool did not work.

Deepin Terminal 3.2.7-1+comsta
* Fixed: the server cannot be connected successfully if the password contained special character (such as “{“);
* Added: support disabling beep by configuration;
* Added: drag the right bottom corner to adjust the window size when the window effect was disabled.

Deepin Voice Recorder 1.4.1-1+comsta
* Fixed: the crash when renaming the recording file.

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