Updated flatpak to Version 0.9.7-1

  • Added a new API to the symbol file;
  • Added the required libostree and bubblewrap versions;
  • Security fixed to block some inappropriate file deployment permissions;
  • Added libglib2.0-doc and libostree-doc to Build-Depends-Indep, so that libflatpak-doc can cross-reference these documents;
  • Added a patch to do a more thorough isolation test for $ HOME.

Fixed System and Application Bugs

  • Fixed the issue that incorrect  display of sogou input method icon caused by flatpak;
  • Fixed the issue that network can not be connected caused by network-manager;
  • Fixed the translation issue in Deepin Image Viewer;
  • Fxied the issue that alibaba trademanager is expired and can not be updated.



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