Deepin Emacs Updated to Version 3.0-1

  • Added real-time format to indent by syntax when writing codes;
  • Added dired-filter mode to quickly filter and display files according to rules under dired;
  • emacs 27.0.50 of the newest emacs git is used to build;
  • Disabled temporary scratch buffer on starting;
  • Added buffer protection to minibuffer-tray, avoiding to exit minibuffer-tray progress when deleting buffer;
  • Added upper case characters and  bound to Alt + z;
  • Migrate multi-term.el plugin to cl-lib repository;
  • Added key bindings for moccur-grep-find-pwd;
  • Fast recursively find words at the cursor and select strings;
  • Added Intelligent indent function for paredit-open-curly-smart;
  • Updated move-text.el plug-in to be compatible with versions later than Emacs 26;
  • Improved C++ syntax highlight;
  • Supported Rust language;
  • Detected g++ command before loading the plugin of auto-complete-clang-extension.el to avoid failure;
  • Fixed flymake error of vala-mode;
  • Added the function of term-send-delete-mode;

System and Application Updates

  • Updated the flash plugin of firefox, chrome, opera to Version;
  • Updated Deepin File Manager to V1.6;



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