Flash updated to version

  • Updated flash for Firefox, Chrome, Opera to the latest version.

GTK+2.0 updated to version 2.24.31-34deepin

  • Fixed the stuck issue after click “cancel” in conflict dialog when saving file in WPS.
  • Fixed the issue that when click “Open” in GTK applications without enabling window effect in control center, the open file dialog of file manager and that of the application own opened simultaneously.

GTK+3.0 updated to version 3.22.17-6deepin

  • Fixed the issue that the GTK application did not call the open file dialog of file manager.

dtkwidget updated to version

  • Fixed the issue that Deepin Manual could not be opened in the flatpak applications when called for multiple times.
  • Fixed the incorrect dtk dialog location.

dde-daemon upgraded to version

  • Fixed the issue that the flatpak applications could not be shown in dock.

Qt updated to version 5.6.1+dfsg-16deepin

  • Fixed the stuck issue when Deepin Manual was opened for multiple times.



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