dde 15.9+2
* Fixed the bug that shutdown music was not played;
* Fixed the failed Wi-Fi connection at some cases;
* Fixed the bug that some apps cannot be opened after setting system proxy;
* Fixed the bug that the application proxy for Google Chrome did not work;
* Fixed the bug that the switch user interface was not shown correctly after deleting a user account;
* Fixed the bug that the verification animation was always running when verifying the password if a fingerprint reader was connected;
* Added the support that the screen would be locked again if the locking was quit improperly;
* Fixed the bug that when disabling window effect, the minimized window cannot be activated again (for example, minimize the computer window of Deepin File Manager, and then click “Computer” in Launcher mini mode, the window was not shown again);
* Fixed the bug that the minimize button was disabled after fixing the window size;
* Updated the close button on title bar;
* Fixed the large icon size when dragging the app icon in fullscreen mode;
* Fixed the bug that the tray icon was lost when double clicking the control widget in fashion mode;
* Fixed the display error if there was a “&” in Wi-Fi name;
* Obtained SNI data asynchronously;
Control Center:
* Added dependency checking when updating system;
* Fixed the wrong notification date;
* Fixed the bug that the default program list was shown incorrectly after refresh;
* Removed “Enable” from “Enable window effect” in display module.

Deepin File Manager
* Redesigned the address bar so that users can easily drag the window;
* Added the support for “Copy path” and “Edit address” in the right menu of the crumb;
* Added the support for clicking “Open” to open the folder and select multiple files in file selection dialog;
* Fixed the incomplete info in property dialog of computer in some cases;
* Fixed the bug that the current desktop was covered if calling out file selection dialog by root user (sudo package);
* Fixed the wrong search icon in admin mode;
* Added the prompt when the device was removed;
* Added the support for using shortcut Ctrl+I to show properties of files/folders on desktop;
* Added source path in property dialog of deleted files in trash;
* Added file system in its property dialog when home directory was a separate partition;
* Fixed the bug that some Samsung devices cannot be shown on Computer page when connected.

Deepin Boot Maker
* Bug fixes.

Deepin Terminal
* Changed the style of title bar.

Deepin Movie 3.2.20-1 & Deepin Movie (Flatpak) 3.2.20
* Fixed the bug that the buttons on mini window were not shown on some computers.

Deepin Screenshot 4.1.8-1 & Deepin Screenshot (Flatpak) 4.1.8
* Opening screenshot feature was not supported under other notification programs.

Deepin Music 3.1.15-1 & Deepin Music (Flatpak) 3.1.15
* Fixed the wrong import path in file selection dialog when last path was empty.

Deepin Graphics Driver Manager  1.1.6-1
* Fixed the stuck occasionally when testing the driver for single Intel graphics card.

Deepin Font Installer 1.1.4-1
* Minor improvements.

Deepin Store
* Bug fixes.

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