dde 15.9+3
* Added wallpaper slideshow function;
* Changed the name of shutdown icon in mini launcher and on the dock to "Power";

* Fixed blank screen in copy mode of screens;
* Fixed no fingerprint authentication when there were multiple users;
* Fixed the issue that AD domain users cannot enter passwords;

* Fixed the issue that font size of the left category list did not follow that in the system;
* Fixed the incorrect location of mini launcher when the dock was on the right;

* Added support for disabling the trash plugin;
* Added the notification when the plugin was incompatible with the system;
* Added the animation when dragging and dropping application icons;
* Added overlay detection plugin;
* Added right-click menu for keyboard layout indicator on the tray;
* Fixed the issue that keyboard layout indicators were added on the tray repeatedly;
* Fixed the incorrect position of the close button when previewing the window if disabling window effect;
* Fixed the issue that multiple instances of one application were not shown as multiple tray icons;
* Fixed the issue that hotspot was not detected and shown in wireless network list when turned on;
* Fixed the incorrect preview when there were many preview windows;
* Optimized the display of the tray;

Control Center:
* Restored screen rotation if timeout, so as to avoid the misoperation when there was a black screen;
* Fixed the issue that Control Center panel was not at the right after screen rotation;
* Removed the configuration list in display module;
* Fixed the issue that there was still update notification after system update was completed;
* Fixed the issue that Control Center hid automatically when clicking the file selection dialog for selecting the private key file in network module;
* Fixed the issue that activating indicator was not shown in the wireless network list when activating a wireless network from other places (dock tray);
* Fixed the issue that IPv6 method cannot be directly switched from "Manual" to "Ignore";
* Fixed the issue that the wireless network with longer than 32-digit name cannot be saved and there was no prompt.

Deepin File Manager
* Fixed the issue that sometimes files cannot be found if checking "Auto index internal disk";
* Identified the type of dim file generated by Deepin Clone as "Backup file";
* Added support for using Ctrl+C shortcuts to copy file path to the clipboard when previewing a file (copy image content and path when previewing a image);
* Improved text encoding detection logic (Fixed the issue that Russian text in UTF-8 was in messy code in preview when system language was English);
* Fixed some issues related to desktop crash.

Deepin Image Viewer 1.3.10-1 & Deepin Image Viewer (Flatpak) 1.3.10
* The options in right-click menu "Copy" and "Copy to Clipboard" were merged as "Copy";
* The default image settings for print preview was changed to "Fit image to page";
* Fixed the issue that users cannot zoom in or out the image in navigation window.

Deepin Music 3.1.16-1 & Deepin Music (Flatpak) 3.1.16
* Fixed single loop during shuffle;
* Fixed the incorrect music information on the lock screen when checking "Autoplay" in settings;
* Fixed the issue that window could not be moved after minimizing and clicking the tray icon to show it again.

Deepin Movie 3.2.21-1 & Deepin Movie (Flatpak) 3.2.21
* Added support for smi subtitle files.

Deepin Graphics Driver Manager
* Fixed the failure on closing overlayroot.

Deepin Terminal
* Fixed the incorrect menu position on HiDPI screen in some cases.

Deepin Package Manager 1.3.1-1
* Fixed the issue that only one deb file was open when opening multiple deb files in File Manager.

Deepin Clone 1.1.1-1
* Fixed the issue that opening dim file in File Manager did not start the restore steps.

Deepin Editor 1.2.7-1
* Improved text encoding detection logic (Fixed the issue that Russian text in UTF-8 was in messy code when system language was English);
* Added support for Greek encoding detection;
* Fixed the issue that tab width in editor was not consistent with the settings.

BingWallpaper 0.9
* Added subdomain for bing.com;
* Added silent option for update notification;
* Added error log dialog when updating;
* Added desktop environment option in setting;
* Added restart hint after switching languages.

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