dde 15.10
Control Center:
* Added the validity check for netmask in network IPv4;
* Fixed the issue that screen rotation was not well supported on HiDPI screen when disabling window effect;
* Improved the order in wireless network list;
* Fixed display scaling issues in multi-display environment;
* Fixed screen projection issues;
* Fixed the bug that the screen rotation cannot be exited by pressing ESC;
* Fixed the inconsistence between the example sound effect and the actual sound effect of notification;
* Fixed the issue that some display settings were not shown in multi-display environment;
* Offered different sound effect options for PC and laptop;

* Added a prompt when in overlay mode;
* Removed the trash plugin from dock context menu in efficient mode;
* Fixed the issue that in deepin stable version, some plugin configurations cannot be correctly saved to backend;
* Fixed the incorrect dock position after setting display scaling in multi-display environment;
* Added the network connection prompt;

* Added support for synchronous verification of password and fingerprint on lock screen;
* greeter supported different scale ratios on multiple monitors;
* Fixed the issue that users cannot login on lock screen if “Login Without Password” was enabled;

* Fixed several issues about dde-kwin window manager;
* Other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Deepin File Manager 4.8.3-1
* Added the feature that files on desktop can be auto merged into folders by file type;
* Added the prompt asking for adding the execute permission when opening ELF file;
* Fixed the potential crash issues;
* Fixed the incorrect item number in disk info;
* Fixed the issue that recent file list may be empty after double clicking a file in it;
* Fixed the blank in “Time modified” if the time was unknown.

Deepin Installer 2.7.0-1
* Fixed the failure in simple installation;
* Fixed the failure on creating partitions;
* Fixed password security issue;
* Updated the EULA interface.

Deepin Screenshot 4.1.9-1
* Created the desktop path automatically if it did not exist when clicking “Save to desktop”.

Deepin Image Viewer 1.3.13-1
* Fixed the bug that the picture copied in Image Viewer cannot be pasted into windows apps (such as QQ);
* Changed the print settings to use color printing by default.

Deepin Editor
* Added the character number in the status bar (including blank characters, such as line break);
* Fixed the incorrect tab width;
* Adjusted the minimum window size.

Deepin System Monitor 1.5.0-1
* Fixed the crash when flatpak app starts.

Deepin Screen Recorder 2.7.9-1
* Fixed the issue that it cannot be used in multi-display environment after setting display scaling.

Deepin Terminal
* Fixed the focus losing issue in kwin window manager;
* Fixed the bug that the whole line cannot be selected by triple click.

Deepin Manual 2.0.19-1
* Updated the manuals.

Netease Cloud Music
* Fixed the issue that it cannot be opened in Ubuntu;
* Fixed the issue that it automatically crashed and exited after a while;
* Fixed the blur lyrics after setting the display scaling;
* Fixed the issue that it cannot be muted on lock screen;
* Fixed the unexpected exit after saving a picture;
* Added support for using the file selection dialog of Deepin File Manager (in deepin);
* Fixed the issue that login window was not scaled as display scaling settings.

Deepin Movie
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Picker 1.6.5-1
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Graphics Driver Manager 1.1.8-1
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Repair 1.0.14-1
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Package Manager 1.3.2-1
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Font Installer 1.1.5-1
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Boot Maker
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Clone 1.1.2-1
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Store 5.2.1-1
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Music
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Calculator 1.0.11-1
* Updated the translation.

Deepin Cloud Print
* Updated the translation.

Visual Studio Code 1.33.0-1554390824
* Updated to the latest version.
Get the details at https://code.visualstudio.com/updates/v1_33.

WPS Office
* Fixed a bug that the computer cannot be shutdown when wpsoffice process exists;
* Fixed a bug that wps crashes when drag the custom graphics under the web layout;
* Fixed a bug of tooltip ghosting in document label;
* Under the black theme, some dialog boxes display unclear;
* Remove garbage resources in installation package.

Global Ranking: https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=deepin

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