Deepin Terminal V2.1 is a bug fix version, it has added part of the function and optimized some of the operations, and fixed the bug user feeded.

Newly Added:

  • Added the shortcuts for scrolling to prev/next command after input a command
  • Added local encoding changing function
  • Added custom commands function
  • Added SSH certificate function
  • Added acknowlegdements page

Function optimized:

  • Optimized the right context menu when the system clipboard has no contents, the right context menu does not show `paste` option
  • Optimized the right context menu when the workspace shows two and more windows, the right context menu shows `close other windows` option
  • Optimized the search function, the keyword is case insensitive by default
  • Optimized the shortcuts input control
  • Optimized the command line startup arguments for window
  • Optimized the remote server add button UI

Bug fixed:

  • Fixed the problem when both logged in from certificate and password, it cannot be logged out from remote server;
  • Fixed the problem that the terminal crashes by some certain operations;
  • Fixed the problem that the split window operation can cause crash in some special situations;
  • Fixed the problem that there is some blank area on the top of the dropdown menu of the remote management encoding field edit interface;
  • Fixed the problem that sometimes the last operation of the search function takes no effect;
  • Fixed the problem when there are some of the horizontal window, press Ctrl+Alt+Q continuously could shut down the application;
  • Fixed the problem when pressed down Ctrl+Shift+T, the tab does not show completely;
  • Fixed the problem when there are some window, click the `close window` on right context menu could exit the application;
  • Fixed the problem when username and server name are the same but the IP address is different, the newly added server could override the old;

Deepin user can get Deepin Terminal V2.1 by updating & upgrading the system, or searching and downloading through Deepin Store.