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What is Linglong?

Linglong, an open source package format developed by UnionTech Software, is designed to manage, distribute, create a sandbox for packages, and integrate development tools, instead of using package management tools such as dpkg and rpm.

In the V23 Preview stage, the new, independent and innovative package format solves the long-lasting dependency and security problems in Linux. Likewise, it will be the foundation upon which an independent upstream is built.

Where does it come from?

Where does the name "Linglong" come from?

The Linglong Treasure Pagoda is an ancient mythical seven-layer tower with extraordinary treasures. Taking the word "Linglong" and combining the ideas of "isolation" and "layering", we launch a brand-new Linux package format, which manages applications, runtimes, and system environments in layers, and gives a sandbox environment, helping fix complex and cross dependencies under Linux system, as well as decentralized control of permissions.

Features of Linglong

You may wonder: What are the advantages of Linglong as the foundation of an independent upstream?

Let's take a look at this picture!


1. It is oriented to any Linux distribution. Only built once, it can run on any Linux desktop environment;

2. It provides simple, compact, and easy-to-use building tools;

3. It has a stable and independent operating environment and provides a stable and compatible runtime. In addition, applications can control their dependencies and be independent of the system;

4. It contains a safe and isolated sandbox, where Linglong applications run isolatedly from the host, making your system safe and stable;

5. It has an enhanced permission control scheme to better protect user privacy;

6. It supports application incremental updates as well.


All in all, it improves ease of use, reduces the "dependency error" issues, improves system security, and greatly protects user privacy.

Welcome to install and try the Linglong package format. If you have any questions or suggestions, please communicate with us at any time!

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