deepin is a Linux distribution devoted to providing beautiful, easy to use, safe and reliable system for global users.

deepin is an open source GNU/Linux operating system, based on Linux kernel and mainly on desktop applications, supporting laptops, desktops and All-in-One computers. It preinstalls Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and nearly 30 deepin native applications, as well as several applications from the open source community to meet users' daily learning and work needs. In addition, about a thousand of applications are offered in Deepin Store to meet users’ various requirements.

Compared with deepin 15.9, deepin 15.10 introduces new functions such as files on desktop auto merge, wallpaper slideshow, separate switches for system sound effects, and supports dragging the tray icon out in fashion mode. In addition, many bugs are fixed and the existing functions are optimized.

Besides that, deepin 15.10 is newly built and released using Debian stable repository, in this way, system stability and security is greatly improved, bringing users more stable and efficient experiences. The unstable repository will continue to be maintained for the next three months.

New Features

Rebuilt using Debian stable repository
deepin 15.10 is newly built and released based on Debian stable. Compared with the previous Debian unstable repository, users can get timely security updates and improved system stability.

deepin 15.10 is released in both stable and unstable versions. Stable version users can update from 15.9.2 Beta to deepin 15.10, or install 15.10 ISO directly. Unstable version users can get deepin 15.10 through system update. It is recommended that all users install deepin 15.10 ISO in stable version, as the technical support for unstable version will be stopped in July 2019.

Take dde-kwin as the default window manager
dde-kwin, the default window manager in deepin 15.10 stable version, occupies less memory and has better performance, providing smooth user experiences.
While the unstable version keeps using the previous deepin-wm window manager.

Auto merge files on desktop - Keep items neat and organized
When the “Auto merge” option is checked in desktop context menu, files on desktop will be automatically grouped into different folders named by Videos, Music, Pictures, Documents, Applications, and Others, keeping your files on desktop in order.

Wallpaper slideshow - Set a slideshow of your favorite pictures
When the “Wallpaper Slideshow” option is checked in wallpaper settings, users can set the slideshow interval to have a new wallpaper constantly!

Sound effect switches - Turn on or off each system sound as you like
The settings for sound effects (such as shut down, log out, wake up etc.) in Control Center are separated, so that users can turn on or off a certain system sound through the switches, and have a better control of desktop environment.

Bug Fixes and Improved Functions
Control Center:
* Restored screen rotation if timeout, so as to avoid the misoperation when the screen was blank;
* Fixed the issue that screen rotation was not well supported on HiDPI screen when disabling window effect;
* Fixed the bug that the screen rotation cannot be exited by pressing ESC;
* Added the validity check for netmask in network IPv4;
* Improved the order in wireless network list;
* Fixed display scaling issues in multi-display environment;
* Fixed screen projection issues;
* Fixed the issue that some display settings were not shown in multi-display environment;
* Fixed the inconsistence between the example sound effect and the actual sound effect of notification;

* Added “Hibernate” option when right clicking shutdown button;
* Added support for disabling the trash plugin;
* Removed the trash plugin from dock context menu in efficient mode;
* Added a prompt when in overlay mode;
* Fixed the incorrect dock position after setting display scaling in multi-display environment;
* Added the network connection prompt;
* Fixed the issue that in deepin stable version, some plugin configurations cannot be correctly saved to backend;

* Fixed the bug that in fullscreen mode, the icons jumped up when opening the launcher;
* Fixed the large icon size when dragging the app icon in fullscreen mode;
* Fixed the bug that font size of the left category list did not follow that of the system;
* Fixed the incorrect location of mini launcher when the dock was on the right;

* Added support for synchronous verification of password and fingerprint on lock screen;
* Fixed no fingerprint verification when there were multiple users;
* Fixed the improper user switch interface after deleting a user account;
* Fixed the bug that user cannot login on lock screen if changing the password after switching on “Login Without Password”;
* greeter supported different scale ratios on multiple monitors;
* Other bug fixes.

Deepin File Manager
* Added advanced search function;
* Redesigned the address bar so that users can easily drag the window;
* Added the options - “Copy path” and “Edit address” in the right menu of the crumb in address bar;
* Added support for using Ctrl+C shortcuts to copy file path to the clipboard when previewing a file (copy image and its path when previewing a image);
* Fixed the bug that file was not selected after changing its name;
* Fixed the bug that sometimes files cannot be searched if checking “Auto index internal disk”;
* Added the prompt asking for adding the execute permission when opening ELF file;
* Fixed the potential crash issues;
* Fixed the incorrect item number in disk info;
* Fixed the wrong order in recent file list;
* Fixed the issue that recent file list may be empty after double clicking a file in it;
* Fixed the blank in “Time modified” if the time was unknown.

Deepin Editor
* Added the character number in the status bar (including blank characters, such as line break);
* Fixed the incorrect tab width;
* Added support for split-screen mode;
* Adjusted the minimum window size.

Deepin System Monitor
* Fixed the crash when flatpak app starts.

Deepin Screen Recorder & Deepin Screen Recorder (Flatpak)
* Fixed the issue that it cannot be used in multi-display environment after setting display scaling.

Deepin Terminal
* Added the shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys) to adjust the part size after splitting the window;
* Fixed the focus losing issue in kwin window manager;
* Fixed the incorrect menu position on HiDPI screen.
* Fixed the bug that the whole line cannot be selected by triple click.

Netease Cloud Music
* Fixed the issue that it cannot be opened in Ubuntu;
* Fixed the issue that it automatically crashed and exited after a while;
* Fixed the blur lyrics after setting the display scaling;
* Fixed the issue that it cannot be muted on lock screen;
* Fixed the unexpected exit after saving a picture;
* Added support for using the file selection dialog of Deepin File Manager (in deepin);
* Fixed the issue that login window was not scaled as display scaling settings.

Known but Unfixed Bugs
* DTK window cannot be dragged on touchscreen under kwin window manager;
* Control Center: There is a shadow when hovering the notification icon if entering Control Center in stable version for the first time;
* Deepin Store: User login window is always at the center of the screen, regardless of the position of main window;
* Deepin Store: Click the “Install” button and then go to the download page, the page is loaded slowly;
* The position of context menu on window title bar is incorrect if setting display scaling in deepin-wm window manager;
* In LightDM, log into kde and then log out, click the button to switch the desktop environment, deepin is checked by default.

ISO Download
64 bit: Click Here to Download

Other Downloads:
Baidu Yun(code:gmm2), OSDN, Sourceforge, MEGA, Google Drive, ISO Repository

Thanks for the contribution from following users: (listed in no particular order)
Adam, Massimo C., Anna, Trompdoy, Kimmo Kujansuu, Cassiano Molinari, greg, Jason Evangelho, Kristien, P9A3N412, sonichy, SquareFong, SiamSami, youyou_2608, aiamuzz

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deepin is an open source Linux system developed for common users. You are free to download, distribute, modify and use it.
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