Hello Everyone,

In order to address the need of all applications monopolized by Windows, we built the partnership with CodeWeavers Company. In deepin2014.2 released on December 31, 2014, we bring you the first ported application--QQ6.7.

We plan to complete the porting of 50 applications most commonly used in Windows in 2015. Due to time and manpower constraints, we hope everyone to vote for the following applications and we will prioritise to complete the ranking first one:

  1. Meitu
  2. Baidu Cloud
  3. QQ download
  4.  PDF Foxit reader
  5.  emoney
  6. xiami music
  7. youdao Note
  8. feixin
  9.  emoney
  10. QQ music
  11. wangwang
  12. YY
  13. Others (Please click here to summit your suggestion)

We will work together with worldwide engineers from CodeWeavers Company to complete the porting plan of common Windows applications in the fastest time! Here, on behalf of deepin Team, thanks the worldwide engineers from CodeWeavers Company very much. They made great contributions to run Windows applications in Linux over the years.

Meanwhile, we will actively cooperate with the related application vendors, and strive to early localize these great applications.

Related information

CrossOver is a commercial version of Wine, which can seamlessly run Windows applications on Mac and Linux OS without installing Windows, and do not need to restart the computer, even no need to use virtual machines. Applications and games can run efficiently just like in Window or even faster without system resources occupied by virtual machines.


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