Many users who newly use Linux system may habitually apply the related concepts on operating system under Windows to understand Linux system. Here let’s take a look at the several most frequently encountered problems of new users in using Linux system.


Q: Why can’t we enter password in the terminal?

A: Actually, the case where the password cannot be entered in the terminal doesn’t exist. Since the user's password is very important in Linux system, the password is not echoed by any symbol after being entered in the terminal and other procedures. Such a design is to avoid others remembering your password’s digits so to crack your password. When you enter the password in the terminal, please touch type the password and press the “Enter” key lightly!


Q: Where is my C drive?

A: The file system structure in Linux system is completely different with that in Windows system. If we must say that there is C drive under Linux, we can only say that it is “/”; if we say that there is user’s folder under Linux, it is “/home”. For a more detailed introduction you can view Deepin Wiki. In addition, to imagine the file system structure under Linux system as a big tree can help you quickly understand the file system structure under Linux system.


Q: Where is my software installed?

A: This question is associated with the above question. Although “C:\Program Files” in Windows system is “/usr” in Linux system, not all the files of the software installed are under “/usr” in Linux system. The files of the software in Linux are generally scattered under multiple directories under Linux.


Q: Is there any software that is easily to be used to optimize and clean up the system?

A: Because Linux system has inherently good design, optimization software isn’t needed. If you really need to "optimize", then you can try the following work:

  • To optimize the configuration of Linux kernel and streamline the functions and size of the kernel.
  • To close some services which are unneeded or not frequently used.


However, as at present there are surplus properties in the computers now, the above work can not significantly prompt properties of Linux system. On the contrary, it will shut down some usable programs. As for cleaning up the system, since there are nearly not junk files under Linux system, generally there are only cached files, which are located in the /tmp directory together, and the directory will be regularly cleaned automatically, the users needn’t  worry about it.


Q: Is there any anti-virus software that is easily to be used in Linux system?

A: Because of strict permission mechanism under Linux system, there rarely exist threatening viruses in the Linux system. Besides, viruses in windows system can not be run in Linux system, so Linux system is very safe inherently. But you should be careful not to leak your Root password and personal user password, and not to run the scripts whose sources and functions you don’t know at random. If the above requirements are met, you do not need to worry about the security of Linux system.


Q: Where can I download and install the software?

A: Deepin Store is born for this. You can fully use the mouse to operate and install any software you like only after you open Deepin Store. As for the other installing ways such as the compiled installation on the Internet and using PPA to install, I recommend you first to have some understanding to system's package manager tool before you try.


Q: How can we distinguish system updates and software updates?

A: Because in Linux system the system and the software are very closely associated, it is difficult to distinguish system updates and software updates. My advice is that when the system prompts you to update, please update all of them.


Q: Why need we install multiple software at the same time?

A: This question relates to software dependencies under the Linux system, so multiple installations cannot be paralleled when software is installed under Linux system.



In order to facilitate the novices to quickly understand the differences between Linux system and Windows system, the exactness of the above explanation is insufficient. Please forgive me!




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