To all mirror maintainers:

Hello everyone, CDN mirror acceleration function has been newly added in official mirror, therefore the mirror synchronization command has been changed to the following:

  • Software Repository: rsync -av --delete-after rsync.deepin.com::deepin/ /var/www/deepin/

  • ISO Repository: rsync -av --delete-after rsync.deepin.com::releases/ /var/www/deepin-cd/

Meanwhile, the software repository has been increased to 210GB, and ISO repository has been increased to 22GB, please evaluate whether your mirror sites can continue to provide mirror support for us:

  • If the server space is large enough, please modify your sync command to synchronize the latest data as soon as possible;
  • If the server space is not large enough, please maintain the original sync command (namely continue to provide support for deepin 2014);
  • If you will no longer provide mirror support for us due to limited server space, please inform us by email.


We will announce the news of mirrors by deepin mirrors mailing list in future for the first time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any problems.


Deepin Technology Team

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