Internationalization Team members:

Hello. Thank you very much for your strong support to Deepin projects. With your efforts, the translation rate of 14 languages of Deepin system has exceeded 90%. Currently there are 83 languages being translated.

In the future, in order to improve translation quality of the software in Deepin system, we will only use the translation results approved by the reviewers (only those translation results approved by the reviewers can be used on a large scale). At the same time, we also have taken the following measures:

  1. Having deleted the outdated projects.
  2. Having merged the branch languages nobody manages into one language.


Deepin 2014.2 is going to be released soon. Everyone of you: please accelerate the translation and review rate of each project. Thank you!

Relevant Information

  • If you are not a reviewer but you need to obtain the permission to review, please contact us. Thank you!
  • If you are not a team member of Deepin community, you are welcome to join us.


——Deepin Team

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