enThe 3rd Hubei University "Deepin Technology Scholarship" Competition has ended officially. In the meeting of Prize Awarding which lasted for more than two hours, the competitors fully exerted their wisdom and talent and presented their works and design schemes with pictures and the accompanying essays, in which there are bold and creative designs and exquisite romantic stories. The innovative and unconventional design concepts got cheers of the audience again and again.

After the competition, we contacted the 1st prize winner in Programming Design Group—the team named Five Angry Little Sheep and invited them to talk about some ideas on this competition.

Q: First of all, I'm glad that you have won prize in this competition. We also thank you very much for your participating in this contest. I won’t say much on this and will come to the point directly. Please make a brief self-introduction of your team first.

A: We are students from College of Physics and Electronics Science. I’m the team leader 孙磊 and these are our team members: 张洋洋,陈超,龚牧桑,宋晶.This time the project with which we participated in this competition is a 3D magic cube’s solution and restoration. We used the camera through OpenCV to do color recognition of the magic cube, and then found the steps to solve this magic cube with magic cube restoration algorithms designed by ourselves. And we output the steps to the 3D cube drawn based on OpenGL, then the magic cube rotated on the window and was ultimately restored.


Q: It had been more than a month since this competition was started until the meeting of Prize Awarding was held. It’s not easy doing so many changes all the way down. How long was it since the project was approved and initiated until it was finalized?

A: It was over two weeks since the project was initiated until it was finalized. We also encountered many difficulties in development, but we still tried to overcome them. During this period, it was inevitable that we stayed up all night to overcome problems.


Q: Do you have any comments on yourself and the team? Have your expectations been met?

A: Our team has a relatively clear-cut division of labor, so we are able to complete this work in such a short period of time. We think we’ve fairly achieved the desired goal with this work.


Q: This project won the first prize in Programming Design Group. Why do you think your work could win the first prize?

A: We took full advantage of the strengths of deepin. A lot of tedious steps are needed in installing OpenCV on Ubuntu, but only one command is needed on deepin, which saved us a lot of time. We used the camera to do color recognition, which highlights the “Luxury, Large, Level up” of our work, and we used OpenGL to draw 3D cube, which is flashy when rotating, and the algorithms used to restore the cube were cleverly designed by our team members, which I think is the most important reason why we won the first prize.


Q:In the designing process, what is the biggest inspiration you received from your supervisor?

A:When installing OpenCV on deepin, I installed it for a long time, but I didn’t make it. Then with our supervisor’s instructions, we quickly configured the installation environment.


Q: What questions did you expect the judges would ask before the defense?

A: Such as how to achieve color recognition to the cube, how to design a set of algorithms to solve the magic cube, how to draw a cube that can freely rotate with OpenGL, etc.


Q: In the defense session, the judges also put forward a number of problems. Where else do you think you can make it better?

A: Comments of the tutors were very instructive to us. I think we should be able to make the interface of the windows more good-looking and more gorgeous. Due to the limited time available, we didn’t have time to beautify these things. I believe that they would become more beautiful after being optimized later.


Q: Anyway, this work is really very outstanding, although there are also flaws in it. However, I believe that with this experience, you can definitely make it better next time. To this work, what other problems do you think are relatively difficult to solve in the actual operating process?

A: We developed this software based on Qt. When it is run on Ubuntu, it has to rely on Qt. I wonder whether this software can be run without Qt on deepin.


Q: What is the most memorable in your participating in this competition?

A: I think that the time when we got together to type in codes and stay up all night was very memorable.


Q: Finally, what else do you want to say?

A: The limitations of knowledge determines that we still have a lot to learn. This competition was a challenge to us and also let us have more understanding of linux. I hope that afterwards we can have some understanding of the underlying drivers of linux, which should be more conducive to the development of programs.


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