A development version of the next release of the Deepin operating system will be available next week. As you may have noticed, all strings on Linux Deepin's Transifex page is for Linux Deepin 2013. So what are we going to do with all the translated strings for Linux Deepin 2013?


We have recently built a couple of ISO images based on the translation contributed by our volunteers on Transifex. A notable change for the installer included in the new images is that it now supports the installation of multiple languages. The installation image has also included the most recent updates and bug fixes.


Deepin's next release will have multi-language support. A significant proportion of the translated strings is reusable for the next release. We'll put the translation files for Deepin 2014 on Transifex and start the translation process once the Alpha release is out.



1. According to the translation progress on Transifex, the translation for some languages is not complete. You may wish to refer to our Transifex page for details.

2. Users who have successfully set up their own language environment for Linux Deepin 2013 do not need to reinstall their system.


The installation images are available on SourceForge:
32 bit: Click to download
64 bit: Click to download

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