Hello everyone,

Because there are relatively big changes in deepin 2014.2, in order to make sure that you can upgrade your system to 2014.2 smoothly, we have made the upgrade package. Please download this package to upgrade system.


1. After downloading the package “deepin-os-upgrader_0.0-gerrit+2472-2_all.deb”, double-click the package to install. Password is the password for the current account.

2. Right click the desktop to open the terminal and execute:


Press the “Enter” key after selecting and filling in the options which are fit for your current system version. When prompt of typing in the password appears in the terminal, please type in the password of the current account by touch typing and press the “Enter” key. Then the system will start to upgrade automatically. After the upgrade is successful (there is no longer any content output in the terminal), please restart your computer immediately.


  1. Only deepin 2014.1 and 2014.2 RC to be upgraded to 2014.2 is supported.
  2. Please don’t use Deepin Store or apt to upgrade system before using the upgrade package “deepin-os-upgrade” to upgrade system.
  3. Please restart your computer immediately after the upgrade is completed.


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