Welcome the new mirror sites for deepin. If you are considering setting up a public mirror site for deepin, please follow these guidelines to ensure that your mirror is consistent with other mirror sites.

The official package repository is about 450G, and ISO repository (cdimage) is about 3G. Please make sure you have enough disk space at first, and use rsync.deepin.com provided by deepin to rsync mirrors.

You should also set up a cron job to periodically synchronize mirrors. Once the mirror is properly synchronized and all mirror URLs are valid, please email us at support@deepin.com with the mirror details. Once your mirror meets our requirements, we will add it to our mirror site list.

Before submitting the mirror site, you should check if the mirror URL is accessible from the external internet. If there is an IPv6 address, you should check IPv4 and IPv6 separately.

In email submission, please provide all relevant URLs (http / https / rsync) and the synchronization frequency from the mirrored network, and write down your city/state/country/region, your bandwidth speed, the name and homepage of the sponsoring organization, so that we can publish it in the mirror site list. When sending email to support@deepin.com, please provide the email address of the preferred contact for the mirror as well.

You can use below email template to support@deepin.com:

We currently focus on HTTP and RSYNC, and no longer accept FTP URLs for new mirrors. HTTPS is currently not used for mirror services, but we are collecting HTTPS URLs and they may be included in the list in future. If you have setup HTTPS, please do not redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS.

The mirror site should be synchronized 2-4 times a day through the cron job. We strongly recommend that using lock files in your cron scripts, so that there will not be multiple connections which lead to unnecessary load on our servers. If you don't know how to do this, please email us.