Recently, we have received feedback from our users that their connection to our official repositories is very slow. We understand that the slow speed can be quite annoying, and has an impact to our users’ experience. Therefore, we attach great importance to a more stable and faster connection and are mailing mirror providers and universities around the world to have their support.


Meanwhile, we need you to spread the word. Linux Deepin is almost the most popular and actively developing distro in China and is known to nearly all Linux users in China. However, it is still not known to many of those who do not live in China. The open source world needs something fun. It needs a distro with a designer’s touch, which will make Linux more pleasant and easy to use.


If you are one of the mirror providers, please consider mirroring Linux Deepin, which will benefit the whole community. We would also appreciate it if our users could contact mirror providers and request their support.


We always listen to your needs. Please tell us if you have any questions or suggestions.


Linux Deepin Team


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