We are pleased to announce that a mirror in Brazil is now ready to use. The Center for Scientific Computing and Libre Software (C3SL) has generously agreed to mirror Linux Deepin's package repositories. C3SL is a research group of the Department of Informatics of the Federal University of Paraná, one of the top universities in Latin America.

Users can choose their preferred mirror in Deepin Software Center. To select C3SL's mirror as your preferred mirror:

1. Open the Preferences panel in the software center.

2. Select the Mirrors tab.

3. Hover your mouse over a URL (HTTP or FTP) for C3SL's mirror, and click on the icon which appears after the URL.


Currently only HTTP and FTP protocols are supported in Deepin Software Center. Additionally, an rsync mirror is also provided if you are using other methods to keep your local repositories up to date. Below are the URLs for the mirror:


We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to C3SL and others who have helped us along the way.


Linux Deepin Team


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