"Open Source Technology Conference 2015" ( referred to as OSTC) sponsored by CSDN, Tencent, Tencent Cloud and Tencent Foundation, will be held in Park Plaza Beijing Science Park on March 28, 2015.

Ross Gardler, Chairman of China Apache Foundation, Cai Deming (Taiwan "Niaoge"), the author of "Niaoge Linux Desktop Guide", Zhu Zhaoyuan (nickname "Shudu"), the member of Alibaba Open Source Committee and other distinguished guests in open source area will attend the conference.

The conference theme is "Community Over Code. The slogan is a motto circulated in Apache Community , which emphasizes that community born on code will make code more outstanding. As the conference theme, this slogan highlights the purpose and determination of organizers to make this conference be community-based, suitable for public life and open shared.

Raise Lecture Topics From Community

The conference sets up a main venue (in the morning), three conventional lecture halls, one female open source lecture hall and one information accessibility lecture hall. The conference has a total of more than 30 lectures, most of which are raised from the community. Topics involve open source community governance, open source operating system, open source and commerce, open source technology, open source essential topics sharing and others. Contributors include but not limited to developers of open source projects, core members of open source community, open source enthusiasts and so on.

To ensure lecture topics related to open source technology and open source operation practice, this conference also invited open source industry seniors to be the member of "OSTC Community Steering Committee",who will be responsible for the conference agenda setting and lecture topics.


Featured Lectures To Care Technology Female And Visual Disturbance Groups



Different from last conference (OSTC 2014) , this conference specially set one female open source lecture hall and one information accessibility lecture hall in addition to conventional lecture halls.

In order to attract more attention from female users on open source and add more beautiful colors in the open source community, OSTC 2015 specially set a female open source lecture hall and invited some beautiful female developers to share their open source experience. Currently, the determined guests include Chen Xiaohong (Doctor of School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University and visiting scholar at Cambridge University), Imacat (WoFOSS / PyLadies Taiwan organizer ) and Guqian (TechieCat community organizer).

Another featured lecture "Information Accessibility Salon" will focus on visual disturbance groups. In the information age, blind people and visual disturbance friends have been able to "see" the larger world through computers and Internet. In this OSTC, we will continue to promote the concept of information accessibility and related knowledge to developers by special lectures.


Free Registration for Audiences

Currently, OSTC registration channel for audience has been opened. The conference is freely opened for open source enthusiasts, participants and contributors. No need to buy tickets for audience seats. However, but in order to facilitate the organizers to do on-site preparation of conference and related resource coordination, participants still need to register in advance. Email and message will be send after successfully registered, then you can sign in by the two-dimensional code.

Fast channel for registration:http://huiyi.csdn.net/activity/product/goods_list?project_id=1699

For more details, please see the official website of the conference: http://ostc.csdn.net/

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