Since officially started in April 21, Deepin 2014 Wallpaper Contest attracts wide attention from enthusiasts.

Until the Contest ended, totally 375 outstanding works are received and the ultimate winners are as follows after selected by the Contest Jury:

First Prize



(Kaibao )Quiet Summer Weihai


The sea melted into the sky and I can smell the ocean. I need such a wallpaper in this summer. --DeadFire, Master of Linux China

The water melted into the sky with neat composition, which is a good beautiful quiet wallpaper. --万炜, Content Editor of Love Wallpaper

Wide vision and simple tone make you feel near the sea with much beautiful reverie springing up. --陈欧侃, Editor of LinuxEden Website

The water melted into the sky with great beauty.--吴善俊, Founder of MUZI Linux Chinese Web.

Second Prize


Beautiful West Sichuan· Flower Lake ( 冬瓜哥哥 )


Endless blue sky leads to the bridge in the center of lake and slowly extended. Picture composition is very beautiful,which makes you organize thoughts in complex work when used as a desktop.--DeadFire, Master of Linux China



Hope (赵伟)

Just like its name, endless fields show endless hope. Green light relaxes eyes with eyes rested. --DeadFire, Master of Linux China

Same with XP default wallpaper and distant glow makes sense.---- 杜学江, Master of IMCN.ME


Third Prize

paisaje de trigo

paisaje de trigoespiga(Fco J Falcon)


Details with emphasis.-- 杜学江, Master of IMCN.ME

Favorite soft green and a bit fuzzy wallpaper shown in desktop can relieve fatigue during spare time.-- 刘樟宏, Master of UbuntuSoft Com.



House, Mountain and Large Cliff (潘海涛)


Mountain makes you feel stable and involuntarily recall the last scene of climbing with fantasy beyond moving.--DeadFire, Master of Linux China



Sunset Glow of Rocky Mountain(syqiven)


Shocking scene with too conflicted color.-- 刘樟宏, Master of UbuntuSoft Com、

Late color contrast and composition of the picture are good. --万炜, Content Editor of Love Wallpaper

Spectacular scene with too much visual impact is not suitable to used as a wallpaper for long time. --吴善俊, Founder of MUZI Linux Chinese Web.


Participation Awards


Note : Participation Awards are Top 30 Works rather than participants with above awards.


Thanks very much

All winners, please contact us as soon as possible and relevant information were sent to your e-mails, then prizes come soon and thanks for your participation.

Finally thanks for the support and concern from Deepin2014 Wallpaper Contest Jury.

Specially thanks for the sponsored gifts from Qiniu Cloud Storage.

Deepin Team




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