"Deepin Technology Scholarship" Competition of this year held by us and Hubei University jointly has come to a happy ending. As one of the representatives of Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd., I went to the Prize Awarding site, witnessed and recorded this moment.

Before Prize Awarding began, the staff had been ready to do their jobs with clear division. Hanging banners, arranging the exhibition booth, installing the audio equipment, arranging the judges’ seats, distributing the conference materials, all the staff performed their duties well. And the work arrangement was in perfect order. The staff helping with the operation and demonstration had also been confirming whether the presentation materials of the participants were complete and could run and be played normally. Seeing us come, they communicated with us on the details of the Prize Awarding process occasionally in order to avoid any omission

The raffle tickets of interactive activities carefully prepared by the staff


At 19:00, Prize Awarding was held as scheduled. The first works being participated in the competition were the icon design ones. The competitors took turns to display their works and explained their original ideas. In the process of the competitors explaining their own works, some focused on functional distinctions, some focused on color matching and somefocused on the implied meaning of the graphs or the visual recognition. After a comprehensive discussion, the judges finally elected Jin Tianran as the first prize winner of Icon Design Group, whose work is characterized by a simple design and clear functions. Every little icon in his work was carefully designed with a harmonization in the use of colors, which gives a perfect interpretation of the requirement of "Flat Design".

The judges commented on the "Flat Design" style on site.


After the display of the first group of works ended, the interactive session of the drum-and-pass game was set on the scene. The one who was passed the balloon would go to the platform to accept the test of Brainteasers. After several rounds of the game, interesting questions and answers caused quite a stir on the scene. The students were very enthusiastic, and some of them had small ideas in their hearts. The balloon was shot toward the judges’ seats in the front row several times. Finally the students got what they wanted. The judge teachers went to the platform singing, which caused the audience to scream!

An episode in the interactive session of the drum-and-pass game on the scene


In the competition of Wallpaper Design Group, some contestants submitted a number of works. After a comprehensive appraisal, finally Liang Taihe won the prize for excellence in this group with her work whose theme is "the essence of life". Of course, this work could come out on top partly due to the preference of the judges, but also to a greater extent because its brilliant colors and the artistic conception of the pictures can more arouse spiritual resonance of the beholders.

Of course, this round of selection didn’t depend entirely on the works submitted by the players before the competition. The session of taking photos on the scene was set as a special part in the selection. The contestants took photos, submitted them and explained the stories behind their works on site, which in some degree was an opportunity of getting bonus points.

A contestant was explaining his work taken and submitted on site


Finally, works of Programming Design Group was attended in the selection. The competition was conducted in the form of groups. Each group sent a speaker to give explanations to the audience, and there were team members in the audience cooperating with the staff in operation and demonstration. The uniqueness of the programs, the integrity of the architectures and the operability of the functions were a perfect visual experience for me who is a layman. From the operation display of the contestants and the process of review and defense, I could see that they had been carefully prepared. The strength of the team really can not be underestimated.

An episode of defense of Programming Design Group in "Deepin Technology Scholarship" Competition


After all the works were displayed, the most tense and exciting part—the session of scoring and awarding began. The raffle props distributed by the staff before awarding also played their roles. The students who got the winning number could receive a small gift on site.

At the same time when the host and hostess announced the names of the winners, the whole meeting broke out in cheers. After the awarding music started, cheers of the audience never stopped. I think these cheers included the students’ congratulations to those winners, the feelings of delight of those winners and also students’ congratulations for the success of the competition.

An episode of awarding to the winners in "Deepin Technology Scholarship" Competition


The outstanding works in Prize Awarding are as follows

Icon Design Group


The 1st prize winner: Jin Tianran
Design concepts: returning to the origin, simplicity, clarity and unity.


Wallpaper Design Group

The prize for excellence winner: Liang Taihe
The theme: the essence of life
The implied meaning: Life is always inadvertently gorgeous and thrilling. When you are young, you should have a wonderful life, enjoy the floweriness of youth, cherish the goodness of life and create the future which belongs to us. Life is ceaseless and you should never stop striving. The passing of time is silent while there is sound in your striving steps.


Programming Design Group

Information of the 1st prize winner:
Team Name: five angry little sheep
Name of the work: 3D magic cube cracking system based on Deepin
Team members: Sun Lei (the team leader), Zhang Yangyang, Chen Chao, Song Jing, Gong Musang


The final words

Although the candidates' works also need to be improved in some aspects, we are happy to see that the students are constantly seeking knowledge, challenging themselves and continue to practice, which is also the very aim of our organizing this event.

The group photo of the winners, judges and staff


This event got strong support from Hubei University. We thank contestants of Hubei University for their active participation and the competition mentors for their enthusiastic guidance to this event. We thank all the people for their joint efforts which promoted the success of this event. Here, we hope more and more people will pay attention to this event and participate in it. We also give a good wish to the next event, hoping that it will be held better!

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