The 3rd Hubei University "Deepin Technology Scholarship Competition" has officially started on October 26th, 2014!

In order to promote the understanding and communication to this competition of students in Hubei University, on the 26th of this month, together with the Students' Union of Hubei University and leaders of the related communities, we held a campus talk on this competition in Classroom 1305  in Computer and Information Engineering College of Hubei University!

In this campus talk, we sent our Deepin Team colleague Ye Kaisheng who is the leader of Application & Development team to give a speech whose theme is "Dreams, Study and Practice" to the competitors. He mainly introduced the history of this competition and the related knowledge on Deepin system while sharing his personal dream on open source (Linux). Finally he briefly explained the projects of activities of this competition.




Next, Wang Xing, Vice Chairman of the Students' Union of Hubei University, on behalf of Hubei University authority, initiated a call to all the students in Hubei University, hoping that every student can actively participate in this contest to exercise their creativity and team spirit!


Then Cheng Zhen, Chairman of the Students' Union of Computer and Information Engineering College, and Mr. Chen Xiangbang, who is from Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd., came to the platform and mainly explained the details on this competition while answering questions on this competition asked by students who were present.



The last session was for experience and exchange. We had prepared 10 experience machines of Deepin system for the students who were present to freely experience them. And there were relative persons explaining our system and answering the related questions.

The session for experience and exchange was a very lively one. Many students showed high enthusiasm to Deepin system. They went to experience it and ask the related questions one by one, so that we can not help sighing—we should have found a larger classroom!






Finally, the session for experience and exchange pushed the whole atmosphere to the climax, and then we ended this campus talk.


The above is a group photo of all the staff of this campus talk.


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