The deepin V23 RC version has made significant changes to enhance the design of LingLong. Existing LingLong applications need to be upgraded synchronously with this system update. To address this issue, we provide the LingLong Repair Tool. Users who have installed LingLong applications in previous versions can run the LingLung Repair Tool from the launcher after the upgrade to restore some of the original LingLung applications.

Additionally, due to some applications not yet being well adapted to LingLong, there may be issues such as application startup failure or problems with taskbar display after startup. Therefore, we have rolled back some LingLong applications to their deb versions. During the rollback process, there may be instances of rollback failure.

To address the above issues, the following solution can be adopted.

deepin V23 RC LingLong Application Rollback

If you encounter a rollback failure while attempting to revert LingLong applications to their deb versions, you can follow the solution below.

Manually delete the old LingLong applications and use the deb applications.

For example, to delete the LingLong Cinema edition: sudo rm /var/lib/linglong/layers/


deepin V23 RC LingLong Application Upgrade

If you had previously installed LingLong applications in the old version (deepin V23 Beta) and have now upgraded to deepin V23 RC, you will find the "LingLong Repair Tool" in the launcher. Running this tool from the launcher will reinstall the new LingLong applications. Once the repair is complete, the tool will automatically disappear from the launcher.


If you are unable to restore your previous LingLong applications after clicking on the "LingLong Repair Tool," you can manually install the corresponding LingLong applications for recovery.

Here is how to manually install LingLong applications:

  • Install Mail:ll-cli install org.deepin.mail
  • Install Browser:ll-cli install org.deepin.browser
  • Install Calendar:ll-cli installorg.dde.calendar

The installation method for other LingLong applications is similar to this.

If manual installation still fails, it may be because the new LingLong repository has not yet included the old LingLong applications. They will gradually be updated and made available online.

ISO Download:

Access to Historical Version Software Packages (Before V20):

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