Security Update (CVE-2015-7547)

Security Update (CVE-2015-7547)

The security personnel found that there is a serious security vulnerability in GNU C Library (glibc) , which can lead Linux software to be hijacked by an attacker, and then execute arbitrary code on the Linux platform to get the password, monitor users and even control the computer (CVE number is CVE-2015 -7547).   Effect glibc is the libc library released by GNU, namely c runtime library. It is the lowest level API in Linux system, nearly other runtime libraries will depend on glibc. And glibc is used in many Linux distributions, so these vulnerabilities affect widely.   Vulnerability Overview ...Read more

Summary of deepin Update Records(2016-02)

Summary of deepin Update Records(2016-02)

2016.02.25 Desktop Added the animation of window maximization and minimization Fixed the issue that tooltip is incorrect when copying a file Fixed the issue that no tooltip displayed in the desktop when adjusting the volume Fixed the issue that desktop files are not in right order by type Fixed the issue that desktop files are displayed with a format Fixed the issue that desktop files can not display timely Fixed the issue that no "Empty" in the context menu of Trash Fixed the issue that hot corners are invalid when maximizing Google Chrome   Dock Optimized the interface of Dock ...Read more

Emergency Update Announcement of deepin System (July 30, 2015)

Hello everyone, Recently, some users feed back that Firefox and CrossOver can not be started properly after updated the system. We found that this problem is due to Linux kernel updates pushed by Ubuntu (currently Ubuntu has pushed the correct Linux kernel updates).   Now, please switch to the official stable mirror in Deepin Store, and then update the system to solve the problem.   Deepin Technology Team

Update Records of deepin System (May 21, 2015)

Today we have pushed out our routine system updates. The following are a summary of system bugs that have been fixed for your reference. Desktop Environment The stability of Dock has been enhanced and the occasional feign death and crash problems have been fixed. The occasional problem that a dialog box appears in the upper left when you close the switch of "Notification area settings" > "Voice" has been fixed. The plugins of Dock have been enhanced.

Update Records of deepin (Feb. 12, 2015)

Hello Everyone, Today, we pushed out our routine system updates. The following are a summary of system bugs fixed for your reference. Launcher The problem that some application startup icons in launcher display abnormally has been fixed.

Methods for deepin 2014.1 and 2014.2 RC to Be Upgraded to 2014.2

Hello everyone, Because there are relatively big changes in deepin 2014.2, in order to make sure that you can upgrade your system to 2014.2 smoothly, we have made the upgrade package. Please download this package to upgrade system. Methods 1. After downloading the package “deepin-os-upgrader_0.0-gerrit+2472-2_all.deb”, double-click the package to install. Password is the password for the current account.

Update Records of Deepin (Nov. 13, 2014)

Yesterday we pushed out our routine system updates. The following are a summary of system bugs fixed and newly added features for your reference.   Login Manager The reminding function of keyboard Caps Lock in Login Manager has been fixed.   Control Center The bug that the interface of the Control Center exits when you drag and drop the mouse to adjust the volume progress bar beyond the region of Control Center has been fixed. The display effect of switching power plans in power management module has been improved.

Announcement on Suspending System Update of This Time (Nov. 6, 2014)

Deepin users: Hello. Through the feedback of this week's internal testing activities, we find that the patches of system update of this time will cause a problem in the refresh of the display of the trays window in Dock. This bug will significantly impact the users’ experience, so we decide to suspend system update of this week. Meanwhile, we thank our friends who joined in the internal testing activities of this time very much! The following is a name list of people we want to thank here: ahyanglf a287740928 pdlenovo diyiliaoya deepinwuyuvl ArthurDeepin bjwuyunlong zywlsh element cbryy 94088737 xiaoshitou jswolf ...Read more