Hubei University "Deepin Technology Scholarship" was established by Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd. to reward those students who are interested and gifted in and passionate about Linux software development and who can design original outstanding works. This scholarship was set up to encourage students in Hubei University to participate in Linux community activities actively to enhance their programming level and competitiveness in employment.

By now, "Deepin Technology Scholarship Competition" has been held twice. The 3rd competition is about to be held this year!

Recently, my colleague and I went to Hubei University to contact with the relevant teachers and community leaders in Hubei University to discuss how to carry out "Deepin Technology Scholarship Competition" of this year to encourage more students to participate in it. At present, a consensus has been reached between the two sides. The planning case of the competition has been determined preliminarily. We’ll continue to follow up and promote the official start of "Deepin Technology Scholarship Competition" of this year!

Here is a photo of the two sides:


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