Now, the development of the new Deepin forum has already gone into the stage of rapid improvement. In order to improve the new forum quickly, Deepin Team have decided to conduct the public testing event to the new Deepin forum in all users.

If you encounter any bug or have any good suggestion on the design, you are welcome to tell it to us. We will quickly improve the new forum.

This testing event will last for about two months. During this period, we will continually revise bugs and the design of the new forum until the quality of the new forum meets requirements. Then we will switch our official forum to the new forum.

The basic information


  • This website is a testing site of the new Deepin forum.
  • This website is a brand-new and independent site (We have not imported any data on the original forum.). You need to re-register an account to log into it.
  • After testing is completed, all data on this site will be cleaned up, data on the original forum will be imported and this site will be launched officially.


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