On September 21, 2023, deepin officially announced that it formally accessed the Large-scale models, and a number of self-research applications welcomed intelligent upgrading. Zhang Lei, Senior Vice President and CTO of Unisoft, said, "At present, UOS AI realizes the ability to access the mainstream large models at home and abroad, and encapsulates them into the AI underlying public capabilities of deepin; at the same time, we will gradually open source UOS AI to third-party applications, so that more applications can directly call the large models on deepin.

deepin access to large models

The operating system, as the cornerstone of the digital age, provides the running and supporting platform for all computer software. As a kind of software, the Large-scale models itself also runs on top of the operating system.

As the first desktop OS root community in China, deepin not only continues to explore OS root technology, but also actively participates in domestic and international open source construction and contribution, learns from all the strengths, digests and absorbs domestic and international advanced technology, and accelerates the enhancement of innovation capability.

The access to Large-scale models brings more possibilities for deepin, and the operating system can better understand user behavior and improve user experience:

  • First, the Universal Large-scale models explores more application scenarios through the operating system. The universal Large-scale models has powerful language understanding and processing capabilities, which can provide users with an intelligent experience;
  • Secondly, the emergence of the foun model brings a new interaction mode, and in the future, each user will have an exclusive AI assistant, which will run on top of the operating system;
  • Finally, in the future, AI will be one of the basic capabilities of the operating system, and partners can directly call the AI capabilities provided by the operating system to release the value of the platform.

Three applications with new upgrades

In terms of AI capability landing, deepin selected three major applications commonly used by users, namely intelligent global search, mail and browser, to take the lead in turning on the AI capability to provide users with intelligent application experience.

Intelligent global search: one-click search, one-click direct access

Intelligent global search supports three core capabilities, including natural language search, image content search, and document content search, which can realize the convenient experience of "one-click search, one-click direct access".

Whether it's a keyword filename lookup, file content lookup, image OCR lookup, time range lookup, etc., intelligent global search is supported.

New mailbox experience: new unlimited possibilities

Mailbox is also one of the most common and frequently used software in daily office. More often than not, we will spend our time in the standardization of writing and layout conception, and all these demands can be quickly accomplished by UOS AI, which greatly improves the user's work efficiency and quality.2.png

For example, just enter the subject of the email, UOS AI can output the content for your reference; write a good email, can't think of the subject, UOS AI help you summarize; unsatisfied with the content of the email you've already written, hand over to the UOS AI to help you embellish ...... more intelligent features, waiting for you to experience.

A new way to play with browsers: from the scene, to the experience

From now on, ask questions instead of searching! to experience rich features such as browsing and learning, creating screenplays, cue word management, and more. In the future, more intelligent application experiences will be added.


Currently, the three main highlight features of Browser AI include:

  • Chat and Q&A: Fixed chat box on the right side, providing users with Q&A chat service based on Large-scale models;
  • Shortcut Floating Window: Provide AI shortcut floating window in the webpage, which supports AI translation, AI summarization, AI rewriting and other content processing capabilities. Meanwhile, it supports running user-defined prompt words in the shortcut window.
  • Custom Prompt Words: Provide prompt word customization function to support user-defined prompt words, which has realized personalized function.

UOS AI Future Unlimited Possibilities

deepin is committed to creating the most accessible Linux operating system to bring users an unparalleled experience. With this access to Large-scale models, deepin will bring users a more intelligent operating experience. Users can operate more conveniently through voice recognition, image recognition and other technologies, bringing great convenience to daily use.

In the future, UOS AI will explore more modes in deepin's native and third-party applications. With the continuous progress and development of technology, we will become an even better open source operating system and bring better experience to users around the world.

At the same time, we also look forward to more developers and enterprises to participate in this innovation process, and jointly promote the deep integration of open source operating systems and Large-scale models, contributing to the construction of a better future technological world.

News source: deepin community

Reprinted with attribution

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