Update Details of July 22

Application Added:

BasKet Note Pads, Micropolis, QtiPlot, Tetravex, FCEUX, Google Play Music Desktop Player, Pale Moon, MoonPlayer, Franz, XnSketch, Nightingale, Open365, GNU Octave


Cover Updated:

Birdie, CodeLite, FlareGet, gFTP, Disks, GNOME Do, GnuCash, Gtranslator, HandBrake, HomeBank, LibreCAD, Lollypop, Meld, MusE, Nixnote, Pithons, RecordMyDesktop, Remmina, Scribus, Web Smallpdf, Sound Converter, Synapse, To Do, Transmageddon, UNetbootin, WinRAR, Web Baidu Map, Eye of GNOME


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