Update Details of February 28

Application Added:

Synaptic Package Manager, GDebi Package Installer, Tux Paint, Artha, Liferea, Frozen Bubble, PySolf Club Edition, KMahjongg, Emilia Pinball, Chromium B.S.U.


Update Details of February 20

Application Added:

Frets on Fire, Blobby Volley 2, PipeWalker, Warzone 2100, KPatience, DreamChess, Gweled, BurgerSpace, Mahjongg, PyChess


Update Details of February 13

Application Added:

yEd Graph Editor, PuTTY, Xarchiver, Gwyddion, PyRoom, GNOME Taquin, pyRenamer, Character Map, Racket, wxMaxima, Dr. Geo, Vodovod, Referencer, PokerTH, X-Moto


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