Update Details of April 9

Application Added:

Deepin Manual, BricsCAD, Buttercup, Headset, Lightgallery, OpenOffice, Sylaps, Tracktion, TuxCut, Upterm, VeraCrypt, VK messenger, Geary, Paperwork, Janus Workspace, MakeHuman

Application Updated:
DBeaver, dingtalk, Mailspring, Myeclipse, Nixnote, OneNote, Postman, VNote, Visual Studio Code, Nuvola Player, mpv

Update Details of April 13

Flatpak Applications Added:
Deepin Music(Flatpak), Deepin Picker(Flatpak), Deepin Image Viewer(Flatpak), Deepin Movie(Flatpak), Deepin Screen Recorder(Flatpak),
Deepin Screenshot(Flatpak), Deepin Voice Recorder(Flatpak), Deepin Calendar(Flatpak), Deepin Calculator(Flatpak)
aMule(Flatpak), AnyDesk(Flatpak), B1 Free Archiver(Flatpak), BearyChat(Flatpak), Beyond Compare(Flatpak), Bino(Flatpak),
Brackets(Flatpak), Buka(Flatpak), ClipGrab(Flatpak), CloudCompare(Flatpak), CuteMarkEd(Flatpak), EzViewer(Flatpak),
Finetune(Flatpak), FocusWriter(Flatpak), Ghex(Flatpak), Git Cola(Flatpak), QtiPlot(Flatpak), Scribus(Flatpak),
Shadowsocks-Qt5(Flatpak), SMplayer(Flatpak), SpeedCrunch(Flatpak), SQLiteStudio(Flatpak), Stellarium(Flatpak),
Synergy(Flatpak), Valentina(Flatpak), Valknut(Flatpak), VMPK(Flatpak), Vokoscreen(Flatpak), VYM(Flatpak), Warzone 2100(Flatpak)

Update Details of April 24

Application Added:

Drawpile, Duplicati, GDevelop 5, Luppp, Nuke, Pydio, Robo 3T, Scratch2, MiniTube

Application Updated:

FreeMind, Yozo Office, Buttercup, Gravit Designer, LMMS, Open Broadcaster Software, Sayonara Player, Visual Studio Code


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