Application Added
Google Earth,Messenger for Desktop,Berry,Chrome,Variety,PomoDoneApp,Synthesizer VMelodynes(wine),RStudio,tupitube,igv,SciDavis,Appimage installer,Fast turn off the screen,Yilian scanning application software,Donghai player,Zhelin image acquisition system,Woqian assistant,Lenovo printer,Quick view of drawings in CAD,Yilian E-GM3001-AN driver,Yilian E-GM3001-N,Yilian E-GP3001-N printer driver,iChain π,PNS national desktop Cloud System Software v2.0,Secret key management tool,Chenglitong ess electronic signature system,Hexin Cloud Application

Application Updated
DBeaver EE,VLC,QQ (wine),Lazarus,Cube 2: Sauerbraten,Micropolis,Emilia Pinball,Teworlds,Firefox ESR,Eclipse for Parallel Application,TeamViewer,FileZilla,Foxit Reader,Evolution,HMCL my world starter,Ventoy,Signature verification tool,Chrome,Right click hash of file manager (set of gtkhash),Wine game assistant,360 security cloud disk,Huayu Pinyin input method,Jinger electronic signature system,Remote control of sunflower,360 universal player,Kingsoft PowerWord,QQ (Linux) Professional Edition,Point aggregation ofd format document processing system,Kodak video player vpalyer,Zhongwang CAD Linux pre installed version,Founder format reader,Printing driver of Toshiba multi function color printer,Toshiba multi function printer driver,Toshiba multi function printer driver-2829A,Toshiba multi function printer driver-2822AM,Shuke OFD,iFlytek Input,Intelligence games

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