Yesterday we pushed out our routine system updates. The following are a summary of system bugs fixed and newly added features for your reference.


Login Manager

  • The reminding function of keyboard Caps Lock in Login Manager has been fixed.


Control Center

  • The bug that the interface of the Control Center exits when you drag and drop the mouse to adjust the volume progress bar beyond the region of Control Center has been fixed.
  • The display effect of switching power plans in power management module has been improved.


  • The bug that the hover window of Sound tray can not adjust volume in Dock has been fixed.



  • The function of using Shift key to select files in batches on your desktop has been improved.
  • The function of grid alignment on your desktop has been improved.



  • The bug that part of software can not be uninstalled by right clicking the mouse in Launcher has been fixed.


System Notices

  • The dynamic display effect of system notice bubbles has been newly added.


Deepin Movie


Deepin Installer

  • The display problem of Anadyr time zone in Deepin Installer has been fixed.
  • The effect of displaying languages and time zones with a sharp corner in Deepin Installer has been improved.


Internal Testing Group is a branch of Deepin Community Team and its main work is to participate in testing Deepin system or software inside, so as to promote the improvement of Deepin system and software.

Deepin Internal Testing Group is expecting your joining.

For more details on bugs fixed, please view our Bugs Tracking System. If you find some problems in using Deepin OS or have any suggestions on improvement, you are welcome to report them on Bugs Tracking System.


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